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Checking In: Marriott Courtyard Chelsea NYC

NYC Times Square

New York is easily one of my favourite cities to visit.

So when Paul’s aunt celebrated her 70th birthday this past weekend, we made plans to fly across the country to join the celebration. The most stressful thing about planning a last-minute trip to NYC is finding a good hotel room. We ended up choosing the Marriott Courtyard Chelsea which has an amazing location in the heart of Manhattan.

Getting There – We flew Delta direct from Portland to NYC into JFK Airport. From there it was one quick AirTrain ride to Jamaica Station and then the Long Island Railroad express with just two stops to Penn Station in just 20 minutes. We avoided a ton of traffic this way and the train is always such a smooth ride – especially if you get motion sick easily like me (hello NYC cabs!) (more…)

Burger Love at Shake Shack – New York


I cannot get enough of Shake Shack.

There’s absolutely one meal I cannot miss whenever I visit New York. I think it ranks higher then In-N-Out and Umami Burger for me. It’s the oh-so-yummy Shake Shack! What started off as a fancy burger & fries takeout joint in Madison Square Park, has quickly escalated into one of New York’s must-eat burgers with locations popping up all across the county.

My favourite location is actually the Shake Shack at the corner of 44th & 8th Avenue (above) in New York’s Theater District. It’s busy, but the perfect place to grab a quick and inexpensive dinner if you are heading out to a Broadway show that night. Finding seating can be a bit of a pain, so send someone to order for you while you go and scout yourself a seat. (more…)

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Big Gay Ice Cream started out as a gourmet ice cream truck with luxurious and over-the-top flavours. The mobile eatery became such a hit that they have now opened TWO Big Gay Ice Cream Shops in the West and East Village in New York City.

Serious props to the owners of Big Gay Ice Cream for elevating the humble ice cream truck and taking it to the next level. So what do you order when you get there? (more…)