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3 Easy Ways to Keep the Pounds Off

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By: April + Michelle of GetRealGurls Nutrition

When it comes to weight loss and keeping the pounds off, it seems to be anybody’s guess what works and what doesn’t.

It often comes down to the individual person and their lifestyle. The strategies you choose can be endless – counting calories, weighing in, exercising, measuring food, drinking more water, “dieting”, eating more fibre, meal replacement shakes, hypnosis…the list goes on.

But what REALLY works?

A recent study demonstrated three strategies that helped people keep the pounds off long-term. Here’s what worked: (more…)

6 Nutrition Myths Wrecking Your Diet

Raw-PizzaBy: April + Michelle of GetRealGurls Nutrition

I dare say that there are more nutrition myths out there than facts these days thanks to non-credible sources and the average joe or celebrity claiming to be nutrition experts. Here are some of our favourite (as in frustrating) nutrition myths:

1) Sea salt is better for your health than table salt. Sea salt still has sodium! Sodium is bad for your health period.


2) Detox diets cleanse my body. This is a personal favourite – if you eat healthy why would you ever have the need to “cleanse” your body in the first place?? Ahem, fibre? And if our bodies were meant to only eat one food for an entire week then why on earth wouldn’t we have figured that out by now?


This Beautiful Life: Meghan Telpner


Meghan Telpner is an inspiration.

Her gorgeous website, Meghan Telpner – Nutritionista is full of ideas on how-to live well and eat better. She fully embodies this lifestyle herself and it really made me question how little priority I was putting on my own health and eating habits. Not only do I love her food philosophy as a nutritionist, I also admire her hustle and hard work. In just a few years, Meghan has gone on to launch her web series, an online academy and a bestselling book. Meet Meghan!


How did you decide on a career in nutrition?

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t grow up eating sprouts and kale. I went to school for fashion and knew nothing about nutrition, cooking or wellness. But in my 20s, while working in advertising, I started to experience some serious digestive challenges. It took 3 years (and 19 doctors), before I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a disease I was told was incurable. Rather than accept doctors’ recommendations which included symptom management with medications and surgery, instead I attempted to heal myself with whole foods, rest, acupuncture, yoga and meditation. Within four weeks, all my symptoms were gone. My next move was to go to nutrition school to share this knowledge with others, and I’ve never looked back. (more…)

6 Things I Learned from Visiting a Holistic Nutritionist

Lemon water holistic-nutritionist

By: Daniela DiStefano

Have you ever thought about visiting a holistic nutritionist?

Whether we’re constantly thinking about it or only pay attention when our bodies feel off, the relationship we have with food defines how we live and impacts our overall well-being. Maybe it’s growing older, work stress or lifestyle changes, but lately I’ve been giving my nutrition more thought and wondering what I can be doing to improve how I feel. (more…)