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DIY: Quiche Me


Looking for a light + healthy dinner idea? I’m re-sharing this post for those trying to get back on track after the holidays. Enjoy!

I have been too lazy to cook recently.

I find that this comes in waves. I’m tired, stressed and uninspired…UNTIL – Nelia Belkova from Style Blog started posting instagram photos of all the delicious quiches she’s been making! I haven’t made a quiche in YEARS and I thought it would be waaaay more complicated then it actually is. But if you just use the veggies & herbs in your fridge or cupboard, get organized and buy eggs, half & half and a frozen pie shell and you’re good to go!


To save on time and clean-up, I made TWO quiches at the same time – since the pie shells came in packs of two. For the first one I sauteed onions and mushrooms before adding baby spinach. Then I dotted the quiche with chopped up sundried tomatoes. (more…)

Dim Sum Dinner at Luckee Restaurant – Toronto


By: Lisa Ng

I miss dim sum.

Since moving to the Westside of Los Angeles, the closest acceptable dim sum restaurant to me is in Alhambra – almost 45 minutes away. Too far to satisfy a craving for dumplings.

So when my favourite fashion bloggers suggested Susur Lee’s Luckee Restaurant for a dim sum dinner, I booked in for a table immediately. It was lovely to catch up with Sharon Ng Hayes of The Backseat Stylers, Kimberly Lyn of The Souls of My Shoes, Nelia Belkova of Style Blog and meeting beauty blogger – Ever After Lacquer for the first time!

So when we were handed our dim sum menu, we started marking it up right away – Chinatown styles. Don’t do this. You can just tell your server what you want. The printed menu is ‘dim sum restaurant-inspired’ but not meant for you to go digging into your purse for a pen to mark up – which we did and laughed about with the server after. So here’s what we ate:


Har Gow ($7 for 4 pieces) – the steamed shrimp dumplings were delicious, though pricey compared to Chinatown dim sum standards. However the dumpling itself was meaty with juicy pieces of clean, deveined shrimp. The wrapper itself was very satisfying and chewy – we loved the dish so much, we ordered two.


Siu Mai ($7 for 4 pieces) – These chicken dumplings with shrimp were one of my favourite things off the menu, topped with a dramatic piece of scallop beckoning me to eat it. The dumpling itself was meaty and not overly fatty. Again a bit more than you would pay at your typical dim sum restaurant – but I think the quality of the ingredients really make up for this. (more…)

The 2nd Annual Blogger Bazaar Toronto


Hey Ladies! A few of my favourite Toronto fashion bloggers will be holding their 2nd Annual Blogger Bazaar at:

Soho House @ 192 Adelaide Street West, Toronto
Sunday, June 1, 2014 from 12-4 PM
Cash Only
Event Hashtag: #BloggerBazaarTO

The event is open to the public and a chance for you to score some fashionable goods at deep, deep discounts as these fashion bloggers and industry insiders purge their closets. Co-host Sharon Ng of The Backseat Stylers says that you can expect a mix of, “Cheap and cheerful fast fashion offerings to high-end designer wares, brand-spanking new items with tags attached to preloved vintage pieces.”

Spend $30 and score an amazing gift bags and 10% of all proceeds will benefit The Corsage Project. So mark your calendars ladies!

This Beautiful Life: Nelia Belkova

Nelia Belkova Toronto Blogger

Photo by: Norman Wong

I first started bumping into Nelia Belkova of Style Blog at different fashion events for bloggers and media. It was always nice to see Nelia’s familiar face and she is so easy to talk to that we became fast friends and started hanging out outside of all the media events.

Our friendship really solidified when Nelia Belkova and her then-boyfriend came out to LA on a fun vacation, while Paul and I were also there. Little did we know that our dinner date would turn into an impromptu celebration for their fresh engagement! (more…)