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Travel Guide: Nashville, Tennessee


I believe in Nashville.

It’s one of those places I’ve always wanted to visit. I simply can’t resist barbecue, southern cooking, live music and country history! I also love a city that loves food. So when Paul got booked into a conference in Nashville earlier this month – I finally had a great reason to visit.

The BEST thing we did was fly in early and book two nights at a hotel in downtown Nashville. Paul’s conference was in Opryland, which was 20 minutes outside of the core and not as convenient for getting around. You definitely don’t want to waste your trip going back and forth on the highway.


Getting There + Around – I was lucky enough to catch a direct flight from LAX to Nashville International Airport with a flying time of about 3.5 hours. I would say that renting a car is a must, it’s the easiest way to get around and everywhere we wanted to go was either a 10-minute drive or a 30-minute walk. There is public transportation, but the travel times could take up to 45 minutes as Nashville is quite spread out.

If you plan on drinking, Uber is available in Nashville for on-demand black car or taxi service. Our hotel also offered a shuttle service, so check with whom you’re staying with to see if this is an option.


Where to Stay – We stayed at the very stylish and centrally-located Hutton Hotel. This boutique property was anything but cookie-cutter and the majority of the things we did felt like it was only 10 minutes away from our hotel. Read my full post on The Hutton Hotel. (more…)

The Hutton Hotel – Nashville, Tennessee


Hello from Nashville, Tennessee!

Paul is in town for a conference, so I decided to tag along and organize my own little food and shopping tour of Nashville. We came in a few days early last week and checked ourselves into the very boutique – Hutton Hotel. Just 10 minutes away from downtown Nashville.

It was exactly what we needed. A fun-filled getaway in a city full of delicious southern foods that we’ve been eating non-stop since we got here. I’ll be sharing my Travel Guide to Nashville real soon! In the meantime…

Here’s a peek of our stay at this hip little property:


Lots of room in our spacious King One Bedroom Suite. Having a separate living room space makes a difference. Paul and I had a spot to chill out every night and watch TV, get caught up on work and more room to just spread out our stuff. (more…)