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We Are Moving To California!

lisa ng doing good digital

We just found out last Friday that we were approved for a new US Visa – which means…


After spending almost 1.5 months putting together our business plan, visa application, funding and then launching Doing Good Digital, we were granted an interview and we are so grateful that we were approved on the spot.

It feels good to be doing this on our terms and for our own business.

We will be leaving in less then 10 days to drive BACK across the country with our pup BINGO while stopping to see a few clients on the way. It feels fast, but we’ve been back in Toronto since the start of December and we’re both super eager to get things started. (more…)

Should We Downsize Again?

portland oregon

I recently read this post about a 28 year-old New York woman who retired with a net worth of $2 million dollars thanks to her smart investing, frugal lifestyle and killer paycheque right out of school.

Her biggest piece of advice was to keep your housing, transportation and food expenses low. I think this article really resonated with me because Paul and I have been thinking about whether we should downsize into a smaller place. It’s something that’s crossed our mind since we purchased THIS vacation home on the Oregon Coast. (more…)

How To Import Your Car From Canada to USA

import your car canada to usa

One of the questions I get over and over again on my blog is how to import your car from Canada to USA. There’s not a lot of information online and it’s not super clear on what it is you need to do.

So I thought I would share our experience in case it can be helpful for anyone else trying to do the same thing. I do advise checking the rules of your state for exact info as I am not a professional. Once we imported our car, it was a permanent import.

Here’s what we did… (more…)

Hello From Portland!

Portland Pearl District

Hello from Portland!

I just wanted to share a little life update with you as we get settled in after our second week living in Portland, Oregon! If you’ve moved as much as I have – you’ll know the first two weeks in a new place involves constant trips to Ikea, Target and every other home furnishing store you can think of.

It’s not like we didn’t already have a ton of stuff to begin with. (more…)

We Are Moving to Portland!

Portland Oregon Sign

First off, apologies for the lack of blog updates on my part. 

Paul and I have been getting ready for a major life change and we JUST signed off on our new place, booked movers and gave notice here in LA. I also spent some time hanging out in Tokyo by myself this month. More on that later!

But first the BIG NEWS: We Are Moving to Portland! (more…)

Saying Goodbye to Our First Home in LA


By: Lisa Ng

Well, it’s been 11 months since Paul and I moved from Toronto to Los Angeles and we’re sad to be saying goodbye to our first home in Los Angeles. After giving it a lot of thought, we decided to move to a new townhouse with a bit more outdoor space and a more zen view.

We currently live in an alleyway with a view of a parking lot on one side and an apartment building on the other. We felt a little closed in, but we LOVED the inside of our current place. However, being at home all day with no outdoor space, nature or trees was beginning to get to me and I started to feel a bit clausterphobic with a sprinkle of cabin fever mixed in there. So the search for a new home was launched, but still on the Westside of LA of course. Moving all the way from Canada, my priority was to be near the ocean!


So I’m spending all of this week packing up and we will be moving towards the ocean to our new place in LA. Since Paul and I both work from home, we decided to invest a bit more into where we work and opted for a view of the marina and to be on the water in our new home.

The biggest selling point? The huge front patio that we will hopefully outfit with some comfortable patio furniture and a BBQ. My dream is to work outside all day if possible! (more…)