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How To Import Your Car From Canada to USA

import your car canada to usa

One of the questions I get over and over again on my blog is how to import your car from Canada to USA. There’s not a lot of information online and it’s not super clear on what it is you need to do.

So I thought I would share our experience in case it can be helpful for anyone else trying to do the same thing. I do advise checking the rules of your state for exact info as I am not a professional. Once we imported our car, it was a permanent import.

Here’s what we did… (more…)

Go For It: The Under 35 Work Holiday Visa


Blogging from our new home

Happy Labour Day! Feeling like you need a change this fall? I’m re-sharing my post on The Under 35 Work Holiday Visa to get you inspired if you’re thinking of making a big move. Enjoy!

If you’re feeling like you’re in a life rut or not doing anything you’re remotely passionate about – then maybe a year abroad is something that might be a fit for you.

Before I moved to LA, I seriously researched moving to Amsterdam last year with my husband. Until this point, I had been on some long vacations and backpacking trips, but nothing epic like a year abroad or moving to another country. Having lived in Toronto and Mississauga for most of my life, I couldn’t picture not trying something outside of my comfort zone before I reached the working holiday visa age limit of 35. So I did some research and came across the under 35 work holiday visa. (more…)