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Easy Brown Rice Chicken Burrito Bowl

brown rice chicken burrito bowl

A sponsored post.

I love Mexican food and I’m trying to cook more in 2017.

I’ve also been continuing on with my weekend meal prep and this Chicken Burrito Bowl with Charred Corn made with USA-grown rice has become a staple in my house. (more…)

Slow Cooker Beef Enchiladas

SLow Cooker Beef Enchiladas

Craving comfort food?

I feel the same way when the weather gets slightly cooler this time of year. I like an easy weeknight meal like these beef enchiladas that I can tuck into on the couch with my Netflix queue or another episode of Portlandia.

Paul and I both work all day and we work from home and dinner usually crosses our mind at around 5pm when we start scrambling to figure out what we’re going to eat. If you’re looking for something easy and low-maintenance, bust out the slow cooker and try this Beef Enchiladas recipe from Canadian Living’s New Slow Cooker Favourites.

Serve up your beef enchiladas with a crisp side salad, pack up the extra for lunch the next day or freeze the leftovers: (more…)

Hernande’z on Bay – Victoria, BC


By: Simone Paget 

If you’re planning on visiting Victoria, BC and love amazing, cooked from scratch Latin American food, you need to make sure you grab a meal at Hernande’z on Bay Street. Locals are already familiar with Hernande’z, as their self-serve location on Yates Street has become a Victoria institution since it started serving up it’s signature, home-cooked tacos and burritos. In fact, when I was still living in Toronto, I’d always make a point of stopping by for some tacos whenever I was visiting the West Coast. Needless to say, I was super excited to find out that they have opened a second, full-service location on Bay Street.


Flanked by palm trees and nestled between two of my favourite neighbourhoods (Fernwood and Haultain), Hernande’z Bay Street location serves as a welcome tropical oasis amidst an otherwise quiet residential area. Described as “the smallest, earliest closing cantina on the West Coast” inside the cozy and inviting space you’ll find a handful of tables (candlelit at night) and colourful art that plays homage to the owner’s El Salvadorian heritage. (more…)

Milagro Cantina – Toronto


By: Lisa Jackson 

If you’ve dined on Mexican in Toronto, you may want to revisit the experience. Apparently, Toronto has been lagging in the Mexican cuisine department.

“When I first opened the restaurant, people in Toronto didn’t know Mexican food,” says Arturo Anhalt, owner and chef of Milagro Cantina. “But Milagro is the real deal, with proper service and authentic dishes.”

Sixteen years ago, Anhalt uprooted his life in Mexico and moved to Canada. He worked in the hospitality sector in Mexico City, but grew weary of his country’s political climate. After a rough day, Anhalt drove to the Canadian embassy in Mexico City, and asked about immigration.

Arriving in Toronto, Anhalt was disappointed with the Mexican options in the city (or lack thereof).


“Burritos and empanadas aren’t Mexican,” he says. “Forget about hard shells and sour cream. I wanted to introduce Toronto to how Mexican food can be done.”

Mission accomplished. Anhalt filled the taste gap, opening Milagro Cantina with his brother in 2006. The menu is inspired by the homemade foods that Anhalt grew up eating, served in a rustic eatery. The traditional dishes are from all culinary regions of Mexico, and prepared using classic techniques and fresh ingredients.

“My father was a true foodie,” says owner. “I grew up with Mexican flavours with international influences.”

It’s really no surprise that there are now three locations in Toronto, and Milagro Cantina has earned a reputation as being one of the best in the city for Mexican cuisine. (more…)