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5 Warm Weather Getaway Ideas


I know the winter can seem long, even living in Portland. The days can be cloudy, rainy with only small bursts of sun. People say that your first winter here is the hardest and they aren’t kidding. I haven’t had to deal with a full season of winter in almost three years so I’ve been in for a rude awakening.

Paul went crazy buying jeans when we first moved here because he only owned shorts when we moved here. I just finally got caught up and order pants and sweaters to replace my year-round Cali wardrobe of sundresses. I’m definitely craving warmth and sunshine right now to break up all this grey.

If you’re feeling just blegh about the weather, here are a couple of my favourite warm weather getaway ideas that I would suggest to get your summer fix! (more…)

Highway 1 California Road Trip Guide

Highway 1 California Road Trip Guide

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Planning a summer road trip?

One of our favourite adventures is the drive along the California coast between San Francisco to Los Angeles. Paul and I flew into SFO and were able to hire a car that we later dropped off in LA at the end of our trip. It’s a great way to get on the ground and make stops whenever you like.

But what should you see? What shouldn’t you miss?

Here are 6 unique stops for your Highway 1 California Road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles! (more…)

The 7 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles

Venice beach guide

One of the many things I get emails from friends, family, visitors and readers are things to do in Los Angeles. First off, LA is a BEAST. It’s super spread out and can take an hour or more to get from the beach to Hollywood depending on traffic.

My best advice? Plan your visit by neighbourhoods and either uber or rent a car to get around. The transit system is getting better, but it can often take twice as long to get somewhere if you’re not staying near a station. So I’m breaking it all down for you on the favourite places I try to take people to, whenever they are visiting – enjoy! (more…)

Venice Beach Food Experience with Avital Tours


I’ve lived on the Westside of LA for almost three years now and there are restaurants and bars that I’m just beginning to discover for the first time. So when Avital Tours invited me for a progressive four-course culinary dining experience in Venice Beach – I couldn’t type YES into my reply email fast enough!

As a local, I pride myself on knowing where are the good spots are – beyond the tourist traps of life by the beach. However, it was super exciting to be introduced to a few new places and get a behind-the-scenes look with Avital and her company, Avital Tours.

Avital has been running successful food tours in San Francisco for five years and is bringing her cool food tour concept to Los Angeles starting this month! Here’s what we ate: (more…)

Where To Eat in Marina del Rey, California

Marina del Rey

Want to eat like a local?

I’ve been living in Marina del Rey for almost two years and I have a few favourite restaurants that I go to over and over again. I thought I would share my choice picks with you in case you ever find yourself in this little community next to Venice Beach.

These are definitely not the fanciest places, but more of my local favourites. Here are my favourite places to eat in and around Marina del Rey: (more…)

Spa Life: Express Facial at Face Haus West Hollywood

face haus facial review

I had my very first express facial experience at Face Haus in West Hollywood last week and it was awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I love a long, luxurious day at the spa – but often times I’m so crunched that I can find a free day to devote to just the spa. (more…)