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This Beautiful Life: Angela Aiello



I first met the lovely Angela Aiello when I got into blogging in 2010 during one of her wine events. I have always admired her hustle, hard work and expertise on something I personally find a bit daunting – wine. Angela Aiello works to make wine accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy wine and I love her fun approach. Her entrepreneurial spirit is what I find the most inspiring. Meet Angela Aiello everyone!


Do you remember what first sparked your interest in wine?

Yes, I remember loving a bottle of Riesling like nothing I’ve ever had before when I was 18. It was my mom who told me to apply for the job in wine when I was 16, but it is Riesling who is my one true wine love and has helped spike my interest in the whole industry.




What was the definitive moment for you when you decided to pursue a career in wine?

I realized after trying to earn a career in media upon graduating from university and working in Toronto that I had 8 years of wine experience that was very valuable. I had worked in the wine industry to put myself through school and although I had a communications degree and wanted something in media, it was hard working at the bottom of the food chain in that industry. I realized that all my wine knowledge was an asset and started to brainstorm a way to integrate my in-field experience with my degree.

5 years ago I went full-time into my own freelance work and haven’t looked back since, but it was a big move to make the change from stable work to the life of a hustling entrepreneur.