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7 Ways To Bring More Hygge Into Your Life


I just recently landed back in Toronto for the holidays and – dayum, it’s cold.

Like -20 celsius COLD.

I haven’t been back in almost 2 years and I definitely haven’t spent a full winter here in 4.5 years. So yeah, you could say I’ve totally wimped out and my west coast body thinks 10 degrees celsius is like parka weather.

Ok, so how do we all stop ourselves from getting depressed this winter? I’m embracing hygge (pronounced hue-gah) and the Danish lifestyle of enjoying life’s simple pleasures when the weather is just miserable outside.

AND I can’t just sit at home eating chocolate biscuits and calling it hygge either.

I’m all about hacking happiness and if I have to hygge the sh*t out of my life to stay happy this winter – then so be it.

Now let’s begin… (more…)