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Beach House Update: The Home Stretch!

home stretch shibori bedroom

After months of construction, design decisions and strategy – Paul and I are finally in the home stretch of getting our beach house ready to list on airbnb! Here’s what’s been happening lately:

Delays, Delays, Delays

As all things construction-related go, there will be delays. We were originally supposed to close on our house the third week of December, but excessive rain, ice storms, and snowstorms did not make for ideal conditions. Portland had the rainiest October on record! Additionally, a lot of trades were snowed in and could not get out to the coast to work on the house.

Throw in Thanksgiving, the Christmas holidays and New Years and things are inevitably going to be delayed. On top of that, Paul and I booked an extremely last-minute trip to Florida right before New Years to see family which only further complicated our timeline. (more…)

Beach House Design Ideas: The Powder Room


Love this makeover by Bless’er House

We bought a beach house last week and it’s going to be built in the Olivia Beach community in Lincoln City in just three months! Which means I need to get a hustle on any major design decisions asap.

My first project?

I decided to tackle the main floor powder room because it was a small room to start off with. I also chose this room in case any of the items I needed were on backorder. The floor tile I picked out takes 8-10 weeks to deliver, so it’s a good thing to get a move on. (more…)

Sweet Dreams: Leesa Mattress Review

leesa mattress

By: Amy Ng

Have you heard of Leesa?

Furnishing your first apartment can be a daunting task. Between coordinating your stuff and managing your budget, the tug of war between save and splurge can take on epic proportions. That’s why I was so excited to get my first good quality mattress, and have it shipped right to my door! (more…)

My Epic Make-up Drawer Makeover


I am ready to finally give my make-up a home and created a dedicated and organized drawer this past weekend. Up until this point, I was hauling around my stash in an old make-up bag that I practically had to sit on to zipper closed.


1) Wipe Down – First things, first. The drawer got a serious wipe down with my favourite all-natural Meyer’s Clean Day Countertop Spray and then a paper towel soaked in hot water to pick up the excess spray. (more…)

How-To Get Rid of Your Stuff Online


My Ikea dining room set & couch is now owned by U of T students.

Planning on doing some serious decluttering this weekend?

I recently downsized from a house, then to a 600 square foot condo then to two suitcases full of my stuff that I packed up into my hatchback for my move to Los Angeles. I was able to unload the majority of my stuff online and here’s how you can do it too.

The first thing you have to create is an ad with 3-4 pictures and post it on Craigslist and Kijiji (I’ve had the most success with these two sites). Ads work best when you keep it short and sweet: the condition, ideas for use, price, why you are selling and the intersection of where you are located.

Here are a few of my tips/tricks to getting rid of you stuff online:


1) Have a No-Hold Policy – The person says they’re going to show up FOR SURE on Sunday and wants to know if you could please hold the item for them. No way Jose! It’s first-come, first-serve or you’ll never get rid of your stuff. Somewhere, somehow, anyone who has ever asked me to hold something for them never shows up! They tend to be the flakiest of all. (more…)

Where To Shop For Furniture Online


Furniture from World Market

By: Lisa Ng

Paul and I moved to LA with four suitcases and our pots and pans.

Starting over was an understatement. We had an ENTIRE house to furnish, which I wrote about here. I spent my first few months running from store to store trying to source a couch, a dining set, a bed, a desk – all without blowing the bank. A better idea? Shop for furniture online and you can see a store’s full selection and then some!

My pain is your gain. I’ve put together a list of my favourite places to shop for furniture and home accents online: 



Target – I make no secret that I am in love with Target’s Threshold Collection. It’s cheap and cheerful with bright pieces for under $200. Think end tables, lamps, blankets, home accents, bookcases. If I can’t find it at Ikea, the next place I check is Target. You can see how I used Target in a post about my home here. Tip: What you see in store is just a sampling of the furniture that they sell that is only available online. I prefer to shop their stuff online instead of in-person so I can see everything.




World Market – For my Canadian friends, it’s like Kitchen Stuff Plus – but better! They have affordable furniture, food, lots of cute home decor items and kitchen things. I bought these mugs from here for drinking tea. World Market is a great place for inexpensive dishes, glassware and cutlery. You can see how my ENTIRE dining room set worked out here from World Market and it was under $500 for the set! (more…)