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Photo Diary: Hello Kitty Con


The very FIRST Hello Kitty Convention was held in Los Angeles earlier this month in celebration of Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday. I had a lot of fun checking out all the Hello Kitty fashion + street style and taking a peek inside this Hello Kitty House.

I finally edited through the hundreds of photos I took from Hello Kitty Con and have shared a few of my favourites in this photo diary. I’ve also posted ALL the photos on my Facebook page. Enjoy!




Riding the bus with my friends… (more…)

My Air Hello Kitty Adventure!


Contrary to popular belief, Hello Kitty herself does not pilot her own plane.

And yes this is a FOR REAL airplane with stars, music notes and happy little cartoons on the outside of it. First things first – Air Hello Kitty exists. It’s a thing and it’s awesome. Air Hello Kitty is a sub-brand of Taiwanese airline, Eva Air and flys regionally from Taipei to places likeTokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul and Shanghai. During my recent trip to Tokyo & Hong Kong I scored my lucky self into a seat for one of the legs of my journey. Here’s all the amazingness:

Hello Kitty Plane


I snapped a pic of me and a Hello Kitty cut-out near the check-in counter because inside my head I’m still 12. The lovely ladies at check-in saw my insane enthusiasm (they probably get it everyday) and slipped me this ‘fragile’ sticker with kitty’s head inside a wine glass. Also – Hello Kitty on the boarding pass… yes, this is going to be awesome.


To quote my friend Eve from Tellement Swell, this bag is strictly for barfing up confetti and sprinkles. Anything else – you’ll just have to keep it together until you land in Taipei. The bag is so kawaii that my friend Stella from Food Junkie Chronicles has also stated that she would barf for this bag. I totally stashed one in my carry-on bag. (more…)