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DIY: Quiche Me


Looking for a light + healthy dinner idea? I’m re-sharing this post for those trying to get back on track after the holidays. Enjoy!

I have been too lazy to cook recently.

I find that this comes in waves. I’m tired, stressed and uninspired…UNTIL – Nelia Belkova from Style Blog started posting instagram photos of all the delicious quiches she’s been making! I haven’t made a quiche in YEARS and I thought it would be waaaay more complicated then it actually is. But if you just use the veggies & herbs in your fridge or cupboard, get organized and buy eggs, half & half and a frozen pie shell and you’re good to go!


To save on time and clean-up, I made TWO quiches at the same time – since the pie shells came in packs of two. For the first one I sauteed onions and mushrooms before adding baby spinach. Then I dotted the quiche with chopped up sundried tomatoes. (more…)