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5 ‘Healthy’ Food Frauds


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By: April & Michelle of Get Real Gurls Nutrition

Here are five foods that have a rep for posing as ‘healthy’ but really, they may not be doing you any favours (say, keeping your waistline in check). Get in the know and be sure to identify a ‘food fraud’ when you see one – and stay away. Or modify as suggested.


1) Smoothies
That ‘healthy’ berry blend at a smoothie shop can have a whopping 80 grams of sugar, 350 calories, no protein and often, no fresh fruit. Fruit concentrates are often used instead of fresh fruit. Sorbet, ice cream and sweeteners can make these nutritionally speaking, no better than a milkshake.

Food Fix: Get the small cup. Ask for fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt, milk, or protein powder to blend in good nutrition. (more…)