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This Beautiful Life: Brenny Giovis


When I first met Brenny Giovis, I was her wedding DJ! Crazy right? Running my own business brought me together with a lot of great clients – many of whom I’ve stayed friends with beyond their wedding day.

Brenny Giovis is definitely one of those clients.

When we first met, Brenny was working full-time at a company as a graphic designer. She has since gone on to launch a wildly successful stationery line called Paperfelt. Nordstrom recently came calling and her cards are now sold in-store at their Ottawa location. Brenny has since quit her job and now focuses on Paperfelt full-time. It is so inspiring to read about her hard work, hustle and success.

Meet Brenny Giovis everyone!



How did you decide on a career in graphic design?

I had a crash graphic design course in high school and my teacher was pretty cool. I think I learned how to scan a logo in and clean it up in Photoshop and not much else, but my teacher was so kind and sincere that whatever she said kind of stuck with me.

I honestly didn’t even know what graphic design was until I  was a semester into college. My dad was so mad because he wanted me to become a teacher and he kept saying what do you do in graphic design anyway and I couldn’t even answer him.



This Beautiful Life: Ali Edwards



I had the pleasure of meeting Ali Edwards this past January when I plopped myself down next to her during a lunch at ALT Summit. I was totally intrigued with her career trajectory and how she went from graphic designer to her very own scrapbook line via Ali Edwards Design. I found Ali’s story so incredibly inspiring – not only had she carved out her niche, she made a full-time career out of her creativity. It also made me think about scrapbooking again – something I started after my wedding, but never had a chance to finish.

If you’re thinking of starting a scrapbook to mark the milestone of your kids, to cherish the memories from your wedding or to gift one to your parents – I highly recommend checking out Ali’s story kits to get yourself inspired. Here’s how Ali got her start!


I read that you originally majored in American Studies, what made you want to choose a career in graphic design and go back to school?

With American Studies as my major I had planned to take the LSAT and head to law school. I’ve always loved reading and writing and the interdisciplinary degree (American Literature, American History and American Government) was an awesome fit for me at the time.

After graduating I decided I wasn’t ready to go directly on to law school – I needed a break. I was also in a relationship that was moving forward which also meant moving to a new town. I ended up working for a cellular phone retailer for a bit in the transition and it was definitely in the unhappiness of that situation that I ended up back in school studying graphic design.

The truth of the matter was that in addition to loving reading and writing I was also very visual and loved the visual organization of words and images on a page. On my very first day in my Graphic Design program I knew I was in the right place.