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3 Easy Ways to Keep the Pounds Off

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By: April + Michelle of GetRealGurls Nutrition

When it comes to weight loss and keeping the pounds off, it seems to be anybody’s guess what works and what doesn’t.

It often comes down to the individual person and their lifestyle. The strategies you choose can be endless – counting calories, weighing in, exercising, measuring food, drinking more water, “dieting”, eating more fibre, meal replacement shakes, hypnosis…the list goes on.

But what REALLY works?

A recent study demonstrated three strategies that helped people keep the pounds off long-term. Here’s what worked: (more…)

5 Healthy Food Makeovers


By: April + Michelle of GetRealGurls Nutrition

Although we’re not fans of classifying food as “good” or “bad” (there really is no morality when it comes to food), there’s no denying that some foodstuffs gets a not-so-great rap. But is it justified? Sometimes a food item really gets a worse rap than it deserves and just needs a healthy food makeover.

Here are 5 foods that can be good for us: (more…)

5 Ways to Battle Holiday Weight Gain

holiday weight gain

By: April + Michelle of GetRealGurls Nutrition

Are you anticipating a steady diet of sugar cookies, champagne and holiday cheer? Are you trying to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain?

The reality is that YES, losing weight does take time and effort, no doubt about it. But there are some easy strategies you can build into your everyday routine to give your brain and schedule a rest.

Here are five ways to battle holiday weight gain: (more…)

5 ‘Healthy’ Food Frauds


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By: April & Michelle of Get Real Gurls Nutrition

Here are five foods that have a rep for posing as ‘healthy’ but really, they may not be doing you any favours (say, keeping your waistline in check). Get in the know and be sure to identify a ‘food fraud’ when you see one – and stay away. Or modify as suggested.


1) Smoothies
That ‘healthy’ berry blend at a smoothie shop can have a whopping 80 grams of sugar, 350 calories, no protein and often, no fresh fruit. Fruit concentrates are often used instead of fresh fruit. Sorbet, ice cream and sweeteners can make these nutritionally speaking, no better than a milkshake.

Food Fix: Get the small cup. Ask for fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt, milk, or protein powder to blend in good nutrition. (more…)

6 Nutrition Myths Wrecking Your Diet

Raw-PizzaBy: April + Michelle of GetRealGurls Nutrition

I dare say that there are more nutrition myths out there than facts these days thanks to non-credible sources and the average joe or celebrity claiming to be nutrition experts. Here are some of our favourite (as in frustrating) nutrition myths:

1) Sea salt is better for your health than table salt. Sea salt still has sodium! Sodium is bad for your health period.


2) Detox diets cleanse my body. This is a personal favourite – if you eat healthy why would you ever have the need to “cleanse” your body in the first place?? Ahem, fibre? And if our bodies were meant to only eat one food for an entire week then why on earth wouldn’t we have figured that out by now?


10 Foods You’re Probably Not Eating Enough Of


By: April + Michelle of GetRealGurls Nutrition


We all love top ten lists, am I right?

But why do nutrition lists always seem to feature crazy “superfoods” that you’ve never heard of, don’t know how to prepare or can’t find at your local grocery store? Frustrating.

So in the spirit of gettin’ real, we’ve comprised our list of the top ten common, everyday, healthy foods, you probably aren’t eating enough of, but should. In no particular order – we don’t discriminate when it comes to healthy foods – here they are:


1. Beans – like kidney beans, black beans, chickpeas, white beans, navy beans, lentils – we don’t care, they’re all healthy. Full of soluble fibre, magnesium, folate and potassium- all important nutrients the average person doesn’t get enough of. Try this Minestrone Soup recipe.


2. Leafy greens – like kale or collards – nutritional superstars compared to their other leafy counterparts like iceberg or even romaine lettuce. And you can eat them as a “chip.” Ever make kale chips? Yum. Here’s a recipe for Kale Quinoa Fritters + 5 Healthy Salad Recipes.