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Get Fit: Where To Break a Sweat in Bayview Village


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Trying to shake-up your workout routine?

I know the feeling of mindlessly lifting weights and not fully challenging your body. You could be getting a better workout! Let’s take a closer look at the neighbourhood of Bayview Village in Toronto, Ontario for the best places to stretch, sweat, relax and unwind!

Bikram Yoga TNT

Hot yoga is the best way to get revved up while detoxing and stretching out your body. Bikram Yoga TNT will morph you through 26 poses in 90 minutes at their heated studio right across from Bayview subway station. Hot yoga works to speed up your metabolism, increase your heart rate, release stress and create more flexibility in your poses.

Located at 500 Sheppard Avenue East #208, Toronto.


Zumba Fitness Classes with Yulia

Having a bad day? Zumba Fitness Classes with Yulia will put a smile on your face as you laugh, dance and shake it off with this aerobic-based workout. You’ll move through a series of Latin and international dance moves with easy-to-follow steps. No dance experience is required. An average class can burn anywhere from 500-800 calories!

Located at 309 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto. (more…)

Get Fit: Water + Exercise


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Welcome to Get Fit! A regular column with ideas on keeping active and in shape outside of the regular old gym routine. Here are the workouts we’ve tried so far. I find that variety keeps me from getting bored and my muscles guessing.

This week, I thought I would chat about the importance of staying hydrated, especially if you’re starting a new exercise routine. I drink a lot of filtered water and wrote about it in my water diary. Your body is composed roughly of 60% water – so you need it to keep your body happy. I usually keep my Brita pitcher filled to the max, so I have cold, great tasting water ready whenever I open my fridge. (more…)

Get Fit: Cardio Barre


Welcome to GET FIT! A regular column where we are trying new ways to stay outside of the regular gym routine. In case you missed it, we’ve written about these workout ideas so far.

I’ve been a Cardio Barre maniac lately.

It’s pretty much aerobics on crack. Where they crank up the music to 180 bpm and you do a bunch of little movements using your own weight or a 1-pound weight. I like that the class moves quickly. I don’t have time to think about complaining or resisting – I just do it.

It all started with a $50 groupon I bought for 10 Cardio Barre classes – hello, $5 /class! I started going about 2-3 times a week and started noticing changes in my body. I actually looked more toned and built up a whole bunch of new muscle. The goal is to build a lean dancer’s body and the cardio component is great because it cranks it up a whole other notch. If you’re worried about ‘bulking’ up – you won’t. I got really nice arm muscles from doing it, but I don’t look like a bodybuilder. (more…)

Get Fit: JumpLife – NYC


Is this a rave or a workout? It’s both!

Welcome to GET FIT! A weekly column where we are trying a new to stay active every week for one whole year. In case you missed it, we’ve written about these workout ideas so far.

First of all, let’s address how much I hate to workout. Yes, it’s a necessary evil – but I loathe going to the gym. So when some high-novelty workout comes knockin’ at my door, I’m the first one to jump right in (pun intended).

JumpLife in New York City’s Tribeca neighbourhood is like a rebound rave with a top 40 soundtrack and flashing lights. Ooooohhhh shiny AND distracting! So much fun that I forget that I’m working out (sort-of, because who can really forget). I’m too busy laughing, trying to stay co-ordinated and from falling off that damn TRAMP. For the record, my instructor informed me that, that has never happened and no one has ever peuked in class from motion-sickness and if I did, I would be the first. Only I would ask these things…


So what did I think? I burn more calories spinning – but I hate spinning and this is waaaay more fun. It feels more like a cardio step class, but in the air! My JumpLife JumpDance class also happens in the dark, so can anyone really tell how un-co-ordinated I am on my first visit? Hell no! So I continued to happily bounce away at my own pace while trying to move my arms and legs in the same direction as everyone else.

The mini-tramp has a stabilizing bar that you can grab for balance if you’re feeling wobbly. And if you’re going to wear anything – wear neon! The room is lit up by black lighting, disco balls and lasers, because who doesn’t love a good laser? (more…)

Get Fit: Go Skiing!


Welcome to GET FIT! A weekly column where we are trying a new to stay active every week for one whole year. In case you missed it, we’ve written about these workout ideas so far. This week I go skiing!

I learned to ski just over two years ago.

My parents were born and raised in Calcutta, India – they didn’t grow up skiing and the idea of sending me or my sister down a steep hill on two sticks just never crossed their mind. After spending money on lessons, rentals and accommodation, I realized that skiing can be a very expensive sport and a luxury my family couldn’t afford while I was growing up.


Part of me wished I had learned when I was younger. I think it would have been easier, I think I would have been more fearless instead of constantly thinking about how I was going to break something. Watching kids fly down the ski hill doing a pizza wedge always has me green with envy. So at the age of 32, I decided that I no longer wanted to be a snow bunny. I finally wanted to learn how-to ski.

Every time I strap into my ski boots, the nervousness hits me all over again. What if I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learned? What if I break something? What if I fall?  (more…)

Get Fit: Go Play Ping Pong!


Welcome to GET FIT! A new weekly column where we are trying a new to stay active every week for one whole year. In case you missed it, I talked about these workout ideas so far.

I know it’s cold and gloomy for all my friends and family back home in Toronto. So I thought I would suggest a fun indoor idea for this week.


SPIN is a ping pong lounge with locations all across North America and a great place to try playing ping pong! I was actually surprised to learn that the average woman can burn around 230 calories/hour playing ping pong. Which for me, beats trying to burn that on a treadmill. Ok, I know, I know – ping pong is a pretty low-impact sport…BUT it’s still better than me sitting in front of the TV eating nacho chips and scooping up salsa (which I did all day yesterday). I’m an advocate of anything that gets you moving, because every little bit counts. (more…)