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Modern French Eats at Cafe Boulud Toronto


By: Shelby Morrison

It’s the re-invention of Cafe Boulud.

When the restaurant first opened inside Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, the general consensus amongst critics was lukewarm. Chef Daniel Boulud and his team have recently revamped the menu and decor.

After 2.5 years of service, Cafe Boulud closed in June of this year and re-opened this September after a $2.5 million-dollar renovation – just in time for The Toronto International Film Festival.


Before the renovation, the decor was a bit stiff, cold, and a little too modern. To transform the space, restaurant designer Martin Brudnizki (Soho Beach House Miami, The Ivy, Drake One Fifty, Cecconi’s) was brought in. He remodeled the space into a more welcoming and warm environment.

The old plain black chairs were replaced with cozy leather seats in orange and green. The walls were covered in Hermès herringbone wallpaper and food prints. The decor is now more comfortable yet luxurious, with a French brasserie vibe.

As for the menu, it has been re-worked with more French influence andinspiration from Chef Boulud’s life. Between his roots in Lyon, France, where he has studied, worked and travelled, the menu now represents Chef Boulud and his vision for Cafe Boulud more accurately.


I was thrilled to attend a media dinner at the newly opened Cafe Boulud to taste the revamped menu and to check out the new digs. The beautiful decor made me feel like I had gone back in time, but in a classic, yet modern way. The comfortable leather seating and wooden floors felt very welcoming and hospitable. I was greeted with a lovely Gin and Tonic with a slice of lemon and rosemary, which had been lit on fire for extra flavour.  (more…)

Okay Poke. I’m Going to Maui!


Paul and I have just booked our next big adventure – we are heading to Maui, Hawaii!

So the first time we went was in 2007 for our honeymoon and it was simply breathtaking. We were also young, broke, care-free with not much of a plan. For this trip, I’m looking for YOUR suggestions.

Have you been to Maui recently? What do you recommend I eat, see and do?

So far I have dinner reservations at Mama’s Fish House, I’ve rented a Jeep and we’re staying at the Four Seasons in Wailea for the first half of our trip – where we first honeymooned almost 8 years ago! I definitely want to go for shave ice, would love a spa recommendation and perhaps a few spots to stop at along the Road to Hana. (more…)

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto


What I love about Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is that the staff never tries to say no to a guest request, they always ask how they can accomplish it. I think this is why my recent stay at The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto still stands out so much.

After staying in what feels like a million hotels – it’s the little details that keep the Four Seasons at the top of my list. Housekeeping was so nice to leave a bookmark, when they noticed that Paul was using a receipt to keep the page marked in his book. On checkout day, they left three clear TSA-approved ziploc bags next to my toiletries for my carry-on bag. The staff truly anticipate every need before you even know you need it. That’s the stuff I really begin to notice now and that’s what separates this luxury hotel brand from the others.


The Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto features 217 guest rooms and 42 suites at 55 stories and only recently opened in 2012. The adjoining residential tower is home to some pretty serious condos with 210 units and both buildings were built from the ground up. This brand new hotel replaced the cement block that was the former Four Seasons just south of the new location.

The decor is very modern and cool – not stuffy at all. I liked the lightness of it all with an undertone that made you just want to relax. (more…)

Spa Life: Four Seasons Hotel Toronto


The best way to experience the Four Seasons Spa in Toronto, is to GO FOR THE DAY.

That’s right.

Clear your schedule for the next 2-3 hours to fully linger, relax and to have lunch at the hotel after your treatment. No one ever said they regretted spending a day at the spa!


The Four Seasons Toronto Spa features an indoor swimming pool, lounger chairs, a co-ed whirlpool (bring your suit) and steam room that all deserves at least an hour for you to wander and not rush through. I generally like to take a relaxing soak in the hot tub, visit the steam room and shower before a massage. After my treatment, I usually do a quick rinse to get all the oils off if I have plans to go out after. Otherwise, I let all those amazing oils just soak on in.


Travel Guide: Four Seasons Resort – Punta Mita, Mexico


If you’ve survived the #PolarVortex + the #IceStorm, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why didn’t I book a trip to somewhere hot??? Gah!”

Well my friends, there’s still LOTS of time left to escape the cold and I suggest that you get thee on an airplane and book yourself into a luxurious beach getaway at The Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico. I was lucky to visit this past November and it IS glorious. I dub this the #MargaritaVortex – where maxi dresses and flip-flops still live on.


Getting There – Direct flights to Gustavo Diaz Ordaz airport in Puerto Vallarta are available from San Diego and Los Angeles with Alaska Airlines. Frequency increases during high season in the winter months.

From Canada, look for flights via Air Canada or WestJet. When I arrived, an air-conditioned SUV fully loaded with cold scented towels and bottled water transported me 45 minutes away to the lovely town of Punta Mita. Just make sure to arrange ground transport ahead of time. (more…)

Spa Life: A Tequila Massage in Mexico


I can most definitely say that my body was drunk after my first tequila massage at Apuane Spa at The Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico. Well, drunk in the way that my body felt like jello after all the kinks and knots were worked out by my lovely massage therapist. Oh, and yes – tequila was also poured all over my back, stomach and feet – straight up.


The Punta Mita Massage uses indigenous sage oil and tequila for their natural healing properties. Sage has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and has been found to lower blood pressure. Sage oil can also stimulate the lymphatic system, heal insect bites and reduce large pores. Since the herb itself is very powerful, a small amount of the sage oil is blended with massage oil and tequila for this type of therapy.  (more…)