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Spring Etsy Favourites

etsy spring favourites

Spring is finally here!

One of my favourite sites to shop is Etsy for cute little handmade gifts and unique stuff for my home. With the warm weather slowly making its way here, I’ve put together a round-up of my 5 Spring Etsy favourites for the season. Here’s what I’m loving right now: (more…)

My Dining Room Refresh

dining room

Our dining room needed a refresh.

Paul and I currently renting a very open-concept loft style apartment in Portland, Oregon. Since it’s a rental, I want it to feel cozy – but I don’t want to overdo it since I’m not sure how long we will be living in this specific unit.

It’s really easy to fill up a space with knick-knacks and big pieces of furniture, but if we ever downgrade into a smaller place – we’ll be stuck with a bunch of extra furniture. Which brings me to our dining room refresh project!

So how can you decorate efficiently, cheaply and still fill up a big space? (more…)

8 Awesome Etsy Christmas Gift Ideas


I have been scouring the internet for you. My latest 2015 Christmas gift guide includes The BEST Etsy Christmas Gifts I have found that are handmade and charming. I also love supporting a small business at the same time.

If you’re thinking of ordering anything custom – do so now! There’s usually a long lead time to get something made and Etsy shop owners are usually slammed at Christmas time – plus you need to factor in shipping. Click through each link for more info on pricing and timing.


Here are my top 10 favourite Etsy Christmas gift ideas!

1) Scratch Map – Let’s be frank, I just want one of these myself to hang over my desk. Scratch off a country every time you visit a destination and get yourself motivated to see the world! (more…)

5 Adorable Ring Holders


I’ve been on the prowl for cute ring holders lately and have been searching for something unique to store my jumble of odds and ends. I’m usually pulling my jewelry off as soon as I get home and stash everything in my nightstand with a bunch of of other junk I had in there. I once LOST both my rings in that drawer, went searching like crazy and found them in a pocket in my jean shorts.

That was a major panic attack that I would NEVER like to repeat again. Which got me thinking – I should get adulting on this and find a place to put my pretty rings in order. Which got me on the hunt for something I could put on top of my dresser.

Anthroplogie score! I found this cute little umbrella-shaped ring holder last week for only $8. I finally have a place to store all my rings – I love a cheap thrill. For now, it’s sitting on a mirrored tray that I have on my dresser. This would even make a cute little engagement gift for a friend. Actually ANY of these would be something small, sweet and thoughtful for a newly engaged girlfriend along with a small card.

Here a couple other ring holders and dishes I think you might like:


 Personalized ring holder from WiththisDish on etsy.


This Beautiful Life: Brenny Giovis


When I first met Brenny Giovis, I was her wedding DJ! Crazy right? Running my own business brought me together with a lot of great clients – many of whom I’ve stayed friends with beyond their wedding day.

Brenny Giovis is definitely one of those clients.

When we first met, Brenny was working full-time at a company as a graphic designer. She has since gone on to launch a wildly successful stationery line called Paperfelt. Nordstrom recently came calling and her cards are now sold in-store at their Ottawa location. Brenny has since quit her job and now focuses on Paperfelt full-time. It is so inspiring to read about her hard work, hustle and success.

Meet Brenny Giovis everyone!



How did you decide on a career in graphic design?

I had a crash graphic design course in high school and my teacher was pretty cool. I think I learned how to scan a logo in and clean it up in Photoshop and not much else, but my teacher was so kind and sincere that whatever she said kind of stuck with me.

I honestly didn’t even know what graphic design was until I  was a semester into college. My dad was so mad because he wanted me to become a teacher and he kept saying what do you do in graphic design anyway and I couldn’t even answer him.



This Beautiful Life: Iva Ouzounova



I first met Iva Ouzounova through my sister Amy – who became good friends through high school. I’ve been keeping tags on the growth and success of Iva’s etsy shop, Dream Willow and I was so incredibly curious about how Iva got her start in creating a jewelry collection and how-to set up an etsy store.

Whether you’re thinking of doing something similar or seeking some creative inspiration – Iva gives us some insight in the day-to-day operations of Dream Willow. Meet Iva everybody!


How did you get into creating jewelry? Did you take a class?

I was shopping for art supplies one day, when I saw a new line of beads and findings. I picked up a few metal pieces and with a pair of pliers, I made my first pair of dangly earrings! I remember a week later I had a compartment box filled with beads.

I was very proud of my collection and little did I know that a few years later I would have a room dedicated to my supplies. For the most part I am completely self-taught; I owe it all to on-line tutorials and YouTube videos. Last year I started a certificate program in jewelry making and silversmithing in hopes to learn the formal techniques of my craft.