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This Beautiful Life: Brenny Giovis


When I first met Brenny Giovis, I was her wedding DJ! Crazy right? Running my own business brought me together with a lot of great clients – many of whom I’ve stayed friends with beyond their wedding day.

Brenny Giovis is definitely one of those clients.

When we first met, Brenny was working full-time at a company as a graphic designer. She has since gone on to launch a wildly successful stationery line called Paperfelt. Nordstrom recently came calling and her cards are now sold in-store at their Ottawa location. Brenny has since quit her job and now focuses on Paperfelt full-time. It is so inspiring to read about her hard work, hustle and success.

Meet Brenny Giovis everyone!



How did you decide on a career in graphic design?

I had a crash graphic design course in high school and my teacher was pretty cool. I think I learned how to scan a logo in and clean it up in Photoshop and not much else, but my teacher was so kind and sincere that whatever she said kind of stuck with me.

I honestly didn’t even know what graphic design was until I  was a semester into college. My dad was so mad because he wanted me to become a teacher and he kept saying what do you do in graphic design anyway and I couldn’t even answer him.



This Beautiful Life: Iva Ouzounova



I first met Iva Ouzounova through my sister Amy – who became good friends through high school. I’ve been keeping tags on the growth and success of Iva’s etsy shop, Dream Willow and I was so incredibly curious about how Iva got her start in creating a jewelry collection and how-to set up an etsy store.

Whether you’re thinking of doing something similar or seeking some creative inspiration – Iva gives us some insight in the day-to-day operations of Dream Willow. Meet Iva everybody!


How did you get into creating jewelry? Did you take a class?

I was shopping for art supplies one day, when I saw a new line of beads and findings. I picked up a few metal pieces and with a pair of pliers, I made my first pair of dangly earrings! I remember a week later I had a compartment box filled with beads.

I was very proud of my collection and little did I know that a few years later I would have a room dedicated to my supplies. For the most part I am completely self-taught; I owe it all to on-line tutorials and YouTube videos. Last year I started a certificate program in jewelry making and silversmithing in hopes to learn the formal techniques of my craft.