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This Beautiful Life: Erin Souder


I first met the lovely Erin Souder at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City this past January. I sat in on a panel that Erin and Alexis Mattox hosted about launching your own product line. It’s definitely something I’ve been thinking about, so I was easily intrigued by their processes. I really admire how Erin gives 150% to everything that she does and how she left a steady corporate career to pursue her dream. I’m excited for all of you to meet Erin!


What motivated you to start your wildly successful home decor website, Earnest Home Co.

I started Earnest Home Co. back in 2011 because I literally had too many ideas to keep inside my head! I would always be creating something, or renovating a room, or whipping up a party and friends always wanted to know how I thought of the ideas I had. I realized that I had to share my creative process and ideas with the world. (more…)