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Egg on Toast


Do you have those food moments where sometimes the simplest dish will be the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

Egg on toast is one of those things for me. Though the above photo looks simple enough, I made Drew Barrymore’s recipe for her favourite open-faced egg sandwich recipe and it was divine.

I bought a crusty organic French loaf from Whole Foods, toasted the bread and then slathered some fancy Boursin Herb & Garlic cheese on top before layering on fresh basil and sliced tomato. I cracked an egg into a non-stick frying pan and cooked it on medium-low until the yolk was just set. I like to give my egg a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper and red pepper flakes before sliding it on top of my toast.

The results are breakfast perfection. The cheese paired with the basil, tomato, the runny egg yolk and the crunch of the bread is everything I would want from breakfast. I added some leftover salad greens from my dinner the night before and some cut fruit and I was in heaven. Add a cup of nice dark coffee and it’s like room service.

Thank you Drew Barrymore for sharing. Here’s her recipe on Refinery 29.