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5 Wedding Technology Trends


By: Troy Williams

It’s not every day that you get the chance to fly up to Sonoma, California and attend a beautiful wedding. Not just any wedding either, but the most teched-out dream wedding planned by The Knot with details voted on by America.

Samantha & Taylor were selected from thousands of engaged couples across the country to have their unique story live-streamed for everyone to witness for The Knot’s Dream Wedding. Twice before this deserving couple’s plans to get married were cancelled due to the bride’s mother falling ill with cancer.


By hosting the event with the latest wedding technology on the market, Samantha’s Mom was able to watch her daughter’s dream wedding come to life from her hospital room. It was simply the best way to use modern day technology to witness one of the most traditional moments in a couple’s life.


Here are 5 of my favorite wedding technology features of Samantha & Taylor’s The Knot Dream Wedding that you can use for your own special event: (more…)