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This Beautiful Life: Brenny Giovis


When I first met Brenny Giovis, I was her wedding DJ! Crazy right? Running my own business brought me together with a lot of great clients – many of whom I’ve stayed friends with beyond their wedding day.

Brenny Giovis is definitely one of those clients.

When we first met, Brenny was working full-time at a company as a graphic designer. She has since gone on to launch a wildly successful stationery line called Paperfelt. Nordstrom recently came calling and her cards are now sold in-store at their Ottawa location. Brenny has since quit her job and now focuses on Paperfelt full-time. It is so inspiring to read about her hard work, hustle and success.

Meet Brenny Giovis everyone!



How did you decide on a career in graphic design?

I had a crash graphic design course in high school and my teacher was pretty cool. I think I learned how to scan a logo in and clean it up in Photoshop and not much else, but my teacher was so kind and sincere that whatever she said kind of stuck with me.

I honestly didn’t even know what graphic design was until I  was a semester into college. My dad was so mad because he wanted me to become a teacher and he kept saying what do you do in graphic design anyway and I couldn’t even answer him.



How-To Get Rid of Your Stuff Online


My Ikea dining room set & couch is now owned by U of T students.

Planning on doing some serious decluttering this weekend?

I recently downsized from a house, then to a 600 square foot condo then to two suitcases full of my stuff that I packed up into my hatchback for my move to Los Angeles. I was able to unload the majority of my stuff online and here’s how you can do it too.

The first thing you have to create is an ad with 3-4 pictures and post it on Craigslist and Kijiji (I’ve had the most success with these two sites). Ads work best when you keep it short and sweet: the condition, ideas for use, price, why you are selling and the intersection of where you are located.

Here are a few of my tips/tricks to getting rid of you stuff online:


1) Have a No-Hold Policy – The person says they’re going to show up FOR SURE on Sunday and wants to know if you could please hold the item for them. No way Jose! It’s first-come, first-serve or you’ll never get rid of your stuff. Somewhere, somehow, anyone who has ever asked me to hold something for them never shows up! They tend to be the flakiest of all. (more…)

My Dining Room Makeover


I’m sharing a little Throwback Thursday today – a post and room I’m super proud of. I hope it can inspire you to transform or renovate any space you are thinking of. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, as long as you end up with something you love – enjoy!

The dining room is finally done! Paul found this Jackson Rectangular Dining Room Table at Cost Plus World Market for $300 and we started building the design aesthetic of the room from there. It reminds me of an old sewing table, with the metal legs. I’m going for a California modern vintage sort of vibe and since the dining room is open concept and leads into the living room – the two spaces sort of need to jive.


Lighting is my first design love. Whenever I look at a room, I look at how the lighting can be changed. Our rental came with a very traditional chandelier that wasn’t really  us, so we installed The Hoyne Pendant Light from Crate & Barrel for $349. It was definitely a ‘splurge’ item since we were trying to keep everything budget –  we are furnishing a whole house at once. But I couldn’t resist this industrial-style light which really ties the whole room together. It was totally worth it.


Found this cute Milk Bottle turned vase at Cost Plus World Market for $6 (more…)