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Our Sunscreen Picks!


By: Daniela DiStefano

Sunscreen really might be the ultimate accessory; it looks great on everyone, you can (and should) wear it every season and it complements your face, neck, lips shoulders and more. Find your perfect formula and apply repeatedly to keep damage at bay and lock in that youthful complexion. Today’s options are more lightweight, easy to apply and makeup-friendly than ever before, and won’t leave you covered in a white goopy slick.

Rule of thumb: One shot-glass amount of sunscreen for your body and a teaspoon amount for face and neck before you indulge in outdoor pleasures.


How-To Develop a Personal Brand



Happy #ThrowbackThursday! I’m re-sharing this gem today on personal branding – it’s a great post and one of our most-read. Thought it would be worthwhile in case any of you missed it the first time around. xo — Lisa 


Today’s guest post comes from my friend Daniela DiStefano, who really gets how to develop a personal brand and why it matters. I thought that the post she wrote was so great, that it deserved to be published again on my new blog. Hope you find it as helpful as I did!


I recently started a new job, and on the first day my boss told me that what separated me from all the other interview candidates and ultimately won me the position was my online brand.

Whether you’re on the job-hunt, launching your own business or looking to establish yourself online, it’s important to invest some time and thought into the business of you. By effectively developing and marketing your online reputation you’ll be in a better position to target your personal and professional goals. (more…)

Cubicle Glam: What you Need to Primp at the Office


By: Daniela DiStefano

Whether you ran late getting ready this morning, or got asked to a last minute after-work event, a kit of office-friendly beauty products will make sure you always looked polished from 9 to 5 and beyond. But unless your boss will understand that you need an entire filing cabinet for your makeup, we suggest choosing a few essentials that won’t overpower the office supplies.


We’ve picked some of our favourite things to stash at work to avoid crisis and keep you looking fresh before a big (or surprise!) meeting:


Hair Elastics & Bobby Pins: An unexpected rainstorm at lunch or a humid summer day can totally botch your morning’s blow out. Keep some elastics and pins handy for a messy side braid or top knot when you’re in a bind. Goody Double Wear Elastics ($3.99) and Colour Collection Mini Bobby Pins ($3.99) at drugstores. (more…)

Instagram-Worthy Nails


By: Daniela DiStefano


Lately my manicure motto has been as follows: If I don’t want to show it off via social media, then I don’t want to wear it. Luckily there hasn’t been a shortage of nail products for me to Tweet, Facebook and Instagram these days thanks to the constant flow of picture-perfect polishes, gels, stick-ons and wraps from our favourite beauty brands. Here are a couple that get our #nailswag Like approval.


essie Gel Nails

My favourite local nail salon recently announced the arrival of the new gel nail system from essie, and I couldn’t resist trying one of the 36 gorgeous shades in the name of beauty research. I went with the festive Flare to Dare gel shade which I managed to keep on for just over two weeks (a big accomplishment for me, as I constantly have an itch to re-paint my nails sometimes twice in one week). My nails kept chip-free and shiny almost to the very end, probably from the built-in keratin and Vitamin B5 technology, and for the most part they were strong and undamaged when it was time to remove the gel. At salons and spas.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Best Girlfriends



By: Daniela DiStefano

Looking for a few great gift ideas?

For the friend who’s always entertaining: Every weekend she’s calling you over to her condo for a themed cocktail party, pre-drink or girls’ night in. This party kit has everything she needs to plan another savvy soiree like décor, champagne coupes, serving tray and cocktail shaker. No doubt you’ll be permanently on the VIP invite list with this one. Party in a Box $166 at west elm (more…)

Beauty Review: Babyliss MiraCurl


By: Daniela DiStefano

You’ve probably seen it in a magazine or in beauty supply shops recently and thought, “What is that thing?!” This curious contraption is called the Babyliss MiraCurl, and it’s one of the most talked about (and funky-looking) hair tools of the year. Will it replace your trusty curling iron? I gave it a whirl for a couple weeks to see what all the fuss was about.


The Product

The Babyliss MiraCurl is the first ever fully automatic professional curl machine. It pulls, heats and curls hair in its nano-titanium curling chamber in one-inch sections at a time, and features settings to control the temperature, timing and direction of the curl on all hair types, lengths and textures. (more…)