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Stocking Stuffers + Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $50


For the Health Nut – Colds suck. But the Sniffle Slayer Lollipops from Quin Candy ($7.50/bag) are made with spicy ginger and lemon to soothe a stuffed up nose or sore throat. Throw a couple of these into a stocking for good measure. Maybe a lollipop can cure a cold? Doesn’t matter – I’m going with it.



For the Organizer – If someone you love still insists on putting pen to paper and swears by their ‘paper’ calendar system, then you’ll want to scoop up one of these Weekly Planners from Ecojot ($16). I love Ecojot because all their products are made with 100% recycled paper and they give away a ton of notebooks and writing utensils to children in need in developing countries. So you’re also doing good! (more…)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend or Husband


Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I’m sharing this blast from the past blog post from last year to help you get your brainstorm on when it comes to buying for your significant other. I’ll have an all-new gift guide coming soon – but in the meantime, enjoy!


What can I say? Shopping for a gift for your husband or boyfriend is actually tough. Between all the socks, boxers, pajamas or booze you COULD buy – it’s hard to come up with a gift that your guy really wants! If you’ve been with your husband or boyfriend for a long time, you’ve likely hit up every classic gift in the book. SO without further ado, I give you my 2013 Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys:


For the Cocktail Enthusiast – Give your guy’s gin & tonic a serious upgrade with this Homemade Gin Kit ($49.95). All you need is a bottle of vodka (you supply) and a rich blend of juniper berries followed by an array of carefully selected and hand weighed spices, botanicals, flowers and aromatics (included in the kit). It’s like prohibition all over again! You’ll be drinking homemade gin in just 36 hours.


For the Cyclist – Sort of like a murse for your bike. Hook up your communting man with this Linus Bike Pouch ($36) so he can stash his phone, wallet and keys on his ride home. Detaches easily so he can take all his goods with him when he locks up.



For the Long-Distance Love – Spending Christmas away from your boyfriend this year? Send him one of these Man Crates (from $24.99) which comes with a crow bar – because how else are you going to open something this man-ly? With an Xacto-knife? NO! Themed crates are filled with bacon, beer, hot sauce, snacks and promises no ribbon, no bow and no fluff!  It’s all pretty hilarious and fun. (more…)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Best Girlfriends



By: Daniela DiStefano

Looking for a few great gift ideas?

For the friend who’s always entertaining: Every weekend she’s calling you over to her condo for a themed cocktail party, pre-drink or girls’ night in. This party kit has everything she needs to plan another savvy soiree like décor, champagne coupes, serving tray and cocktail shaker. No doubt you’ll be permanently on the VIP invite list with this one. Party in a Box $166 at west elm (more…)

Our Holiday Gift Guide!

Gift GuideBy: Amy Ng


For the Foodie – For the friend who’s already conquered her share of gourmet tacos and lobster rolls, tickle her taste buds with this unique churned seashore honey from Quebec agricultural darlings Société-Orignal. Harvested in the Gaspé region along the Saint Lawrence River, this nutritious raw finishing honey tastes sweet and floral with the luscious consistency of marshmallow cream. (Quitokeeto, $30)


For the Hostess – For your sister who always knows how to throw a great party, brighten up her next soiree with these emerald-bordered linen cocktail napkins from Canadian line, Smith Handmade. (Etsy, $24)


For the Fashionista – Add some subtle sparkle to your favourite fashionista’s holiday ensemble with this elegant single stone cuff (Terrain, $68). Subtle not her style? Try these bold royal blue vintage teacup bracelets instead. (Etsy, $43) (more…)

DIY Christmas Decor with Natalie Ho


By: Natalie Ho

Looking for Christmas decor ideas?

I’m ecstatic to be guest blogging on This Beautiful Day today. This blog post is also quite meaningful to me because it’s the first time I’m sharing photos of our new home.

Living in a condo for the last several years means there was never enough room to put up a Christmas tree. I FINALLY have room to put up a tree this year! Yippee! I hope you enjoy these tidbits from our humble home. Thank you Lisa for allowing me to share with all your readers.

The burlap bunting garland around my tree (above) was a DIY project. I prefer the burlap material over the traditional glitzy tinsel options as I found that it really tied in the colour of the floor and my dining table.


I also love creating personalized wrapping paper from stamps and kraft paper.


 Try dipping regular pine cones in white paint to add a frosted look. An easy Christmas decor idea! (more…)