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A Good Book Drive

Hannah Georgas

Hannah Georgas for A Good Book Drive, photo by Jessica Blaine Smith

By: Jessica Blaine Smith

Have you heard of A Good Book Drive?

Reading is a huge part of life. I am a big fan of reading and always have been. I remember being read to as a kid and having my imagination grow from hearing all of those fantastic stories. When my pal Lana Gay told me that she would be organizing a kids book drive in Toronto, I immediately asked how I could help. (more…)

unBOX the Possibilities

A sponsored post.

I’ve been writing a lot of Christmas Gift Guides for the blog these last couple weeks and I wanted to take a moment to focus on one particular Christmas gift that gives back. As much as I love candles, notebooks and all sorts of pretty gifts over the holidays, I truly love to give and receive something that makes a difference. We’ve actually stopped exchanging gifts with Paul’s immediate family and we all choose a charity that we ask for donations to instead.


If you’re thinking of doing the same thing with your friends and family this year, UNICEF is offering the opportunity to give a holiday gift that can change a child’s life. The UNICEF Survival Gift Guide is where you can purchase everyday luxuries for children in need. With your online purchase, the product is pulled warehouse in Copenhagen and sent directly to people in the field.

My friends at UNICEF recently sent me a survival box to share with you firsthand on what types of gifts you can choose to fund – see the video above! Here are some fantastic gift ideas from their catalogue:



Let’s Build a Water Well Together!


Paul and I are building a water well in a developing country and we need your help!

We have partnered up with Generosity.org for this ambitious project. Our goal is to raise $5000 to fund the construction of a water well that will serve 500+ people in one town. Right now, we are only at $505 of our goal and we are hoping to raise at least $1000 before December 31st.


In the spirit of holiday giving, we urge you to make a donation to leave behind the legacy of clean water for a village in need. Let’s build a well together.

You can donate here: http://give.generosity.org/LisaAndPaul
Thank you in advance for your support!