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8 Little Splurges For Fall


I am all about small pleasures that bring me a little bit of joy everyday. So when I was thinking about my fall wish list, I wanted to put together a list of ideas that didn’t break the bank. It’s all about the little splurges – you don’t need a ton cash to get a little happiness in your day.

Here’s what I suggest: (more…)

9 Ways To Save On Travel

save on travel money

Trying to save on travel so you can do more with your money?

Girl, I don’t blame you. If I had a limitless budget, I would be traveling like maniac. But everyone has limits. So how do you get the most out of your travel dollar? Here are my top tips: (more…)

9 Ways to Save Money + Still Live Well

Piggy banks save moneyCute coin banks by Rock Scissor Paper

By: Lisa Ng

Trying to save money?

One of the biggest things I struggled with after I got married was learning how-to cut our living expenses and still have a social life.  I know my late 20s were no financial picnic. I was still paying off my credit line from debt incurred during university. We just paid for our wedding, honeymoon, bought a house and were in the midst of renovations.

I couldn’t even compute having a savings account until I could pay down some of my debt. So I put together a list of things that I did to live frugally but still live well. I also recommend you start an emergency fund – see my reasons here, while trying to pay down your debt.

Here’s how you can save money with these small changes: (more…)