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Get Fit: Water + Exercise


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Welcome to Get Fit! A regular column with ideas on keeping active and in shape outside of the regular old gym routine. Here are the workouts we’ve tried so far. I find that variety keeps me from getting bored and my muscles guessing.

This week, I thought I would chat about the importance of staying hydrated, especially if you’re starting a new exercise routine. I drink a lot of filtered water and wrote about it in my water diary. Your body is composed roughly of 60% water – so you need it to keep your body happy. I usually keep my Brita pitcher filled to the max, so I have cold, great tasting water ready whenever I open my fridge. (more…)

Fruit Infused Ice Cubes


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Getting bored with the taste of just plain old water? I get you. I try to drink my eight glasses of filtered water a day and I usually infuse my water with fruit to add some natural flavour to my everyday H20. So what to do if you don’t have time to chop up fruit every time you pour yourself a glass? Fruit infused ice cubes are a GREAT little time saver and adds variety easily. Here’s how:


1) To start, pick out your favourite fruit and herb combinations for your fruit infused ice cubes.


2) Cut-up your fruit and herbs into little pieces and divide amongst your ice cube tray. This is a great way to use up ripe fruit or leftover herbs in your refrigerator! (more…)

How To Stay Hydrated


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I drink A LOT of water so I can stay hydrated.

The first thing I do as soon as I wake-up is pull my Brita pitcher out of my fridge and chug TWO big glasses of filtered water with half a lemon squeezed into it. I do this to get my metabolism going, to get a burst of natural vitamin C, it gives me energy, helps my digestive system and I know I’ve started my day by taking care of me.

I aim to drink around eight glasses of water everyday and this way I know I’ve drank at least two before I start working at my desk. I had a friend mention to me recently that she only drank maybe 2-3 glasses of water everyday and that she forgets to hydrate.


It’s SO important to drink enough water so everything in your body can function properly and you don’t end up mistaking thirst for hunger. Reach for water before you reach for a bag of chips! Don’t like the taste of plain water? Try infusing your water with fruit or herbs  to give it natural flavour without a ton of calories.

I also get incredibly sleepy when I’m dehydrated and then grumpy. So how do I remember to drink more water? I decided to put together a little water diary on how I stay hydrated throughout the day:

8:00 AM – Wake-up and resist the urge to check email! I usually end up doing so anyway. March downstairs, squeeze half an organic lemon into a 500 ml glass and add filtered water. Proceed to chug two glasses before I put on my workout clothes, make breakfast and start checking emails and social again at my desk. Time to attack my biggest task of the day!

10:00 AM – I make coffee in my French Press and pour myself another glass of water so I have it ready to go after my coffee. Caffeine dehydrates me, so I try to replenish with water as soon as I can. (more…)