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6 Spectacular Dog Toys + Dog Treats


Do you have a dog? Looking for some great dog toys + treats?

My world has been invaded by my new pup BINGO lately. We’ve only had him for about 4 months and literally, our lives have changed. We seriously can’t imagine our life without him. For anyone who has ever adopted a dog – you know what I’m talking about!

So I thought I would devote a little post on a 6 Spectacular Dog Toys + Dog Treats that are BINGO-approved for the furry friend in your life: (more…)

Dealing With Separation Anxiety in Dogs


It’s National Dog Day!

So I thought I would devote my post today on separation anxiety in dogs and how we came through it on the other side. BINGO was our foster dog that we adopted just three months ago. One of the biggest things we had to go through as new fur parents was dealing with BINGO’s issues as a rescue. Separation anxiety in dogs is quite common and it can take on many different forms.

For us, BINGO would bark obsessively for hours when we would leave – and it didn’t stop. We would record him to see what he did while we were away and he would bark non-stop. For anyone who has dealt with separation anxiety in dogs, you know how incredibly stressful it is when your pet is in distress.


BINGO didn’t get destructive but he had a real fear of being abandoned and he was scared to be left alone. Crating him made it even worst. For the first two months we didn’t have much of a social life. Paul and I had to take turns going out because BINGO was clearly traumatized from the month he spent living at the shelter and the time he spent on the street as a stray. He didn’t know how to play with toys or take to dog treats, so I wonder if he was crated and ignored for much of his early days.

We’re no pet experts, so I definitely recommend talking to your vet or dog trainer for professional advice, but here’s what we tried and what eventually worked:


1) Pheromone Spray for Dogs

We bought this Sentry Calming Spray for Dogs which can help for separation anxiety in dogs by using pheromones that mimic what the mother dog would emit to calm your pup. First off, it was expensive. $17 for a 1 oz aerosol spray. The lavender and chamomile fragrance also irritated my allergies – so if you’re spraying a pet bed, do it outside if you can. I wish this worked for us, but I think BINGO was too high strung for this product.


The Thundershirt for dealing with separation anxiety in dogs

2) The Thundershirt

The Thundershirt for dogs wraps around your pet and makes them feel confident by applying gentle pressure by the way it wraps around him or her. It looks like a T-shirt and makes your dog feel like they are in a constant hug.

The Thundershirt calmed BINGO down, but it didn’t solve his separation anxiety or stop him from barking non-stop. I could feel his heart rapidly beating and when we put it on, he would chill out after 5-10 minutes. The only thing is that the shirt is $40 and I don’t love putting it on him when it’s hot outside. I think I would only use this on long car trips or during fireworks when BINGO is on edge.



It’s Official. We’ve Adopted BINGO.


Somebody got his first haircut!

What can we say?


We have officially adopted BINGO. Actually, I think he adopted us first and we couldn’t help but fall in love with the little guy. To be honest with you, I was really stand off-ish at first about keeping him – mainly because he was labelled aggressive by the shelter. We think he was just extremely stressed out. But after having BINGO in our home for about a week, we couldn’t imagine life without him. So we have officially filled out all his paperwork and made a donation to this rescue organization to adopt him.

If you’re thinking about getting dog or cat or are able to manage volunteering taking care of one for about a month – I highly recommend contacting your local resuce organization and inquire about fostering a pet.


Here’s an update on BINGO’s progress:

1) Food – BINGO is finally eating his dog food! I think once the shots, meds, neutering had worn off he became more like a dog. His shelter stress melted away and he wanted walk, run, play, fetch and most of all EAT. Getting rid of the cone of shame made him feel good too. We’ve switched him to grain-free all-natural dry food that he loves. I also bought the small bits of kibble so it’s easier for him to chew. I’m going to get his teeth checked out by the vet on Friday to make sure there are no issues there either. (more…)

Meet BINGO! All About Our Foster Puppy


Hey Everyone!

I thought I would take a moment to introduce you all to BINGO. He’s our foster puppy that came to us through the incredible organization, Voice for the Animals in Venice, California.

BINGO was on the red list at the South LA animal shelter for being aggressive with another dog. I think it was a case of shelter stress, but BINGO needed a foster home asap which is how we got involved. I had actually seen an ad in my local newspaper from Voice for the Animals and inquired about being a foster parent for another dog. Turns out that BINGO (a terrier) was more of a fit for us, so I met him last week and he seemed super friendly, but definitely not happy about his shelter environment and the constant barking around him.


BINGO was a stray and is a lovebug in need of LOTS of attention, playtime and cuddles. This actually works because Paul and I are home all day, everyday in our home office. We’re not sure if BINGO ever had a real home, but he’s certainly a people person. They estimate that he’s about a year old, so still a puppy. He follows us everywhere. You’re going upstairs? I’m coming with you! You’re moving to the couch? Let’s all move to the couch! It’s pretty cute. He learned his name after 3 days (he didn’t come with a name) and started to play fetch. I called for BINGO from my desk today and his head popped up from behind the couch (who me?)! (more…)