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Top 10 Bachelorette Party Ideas – Toronto

bachelorette party ideas toronto

Updated January 2017

Have you be put in charge of planning the ultimate bachelorette party?

Never fear! I am here to help you. We are in full-on wedding planning time and with that comes bachelorette party season! I thought I would start off with updating a guide I had written with my top 10 bachelorette party ideas for my hometown of Toronto: (more…)

My 10 Must Eats Toronto


Canada Day is coming up very soon and there is a very long list of must eats Toronto foods that I am definitely homesick for in Toronto. I lived in a bunch of different neighbourhoods for the 10 years I lived dowtown.

My first apartment with Paul was on Brunswick Avenue in the Annex, near Dupont station. We then bought a house in Danforth Village, then we sold it and decided to give condo living a try and moved to St. Lawrence Market. Our landlord sold the condo, so we moved to another condo at Queen & Dufferin before moving to Los Angeles. Living in all these different neighbourhoods exposed me to so many great restaurants and must eats in this amazing food city.

I can’t hit all my favourite food places during my short visits back, but if you have the chance or are visiting for the Pan-Am Games, here are my top 10 must eats Toronto:

1) Mixed Gyro at Messini’s

When I lived on the Danforth and worked late-nights as a DJ, my greasy food stop would be at Messini’s for an authentic Mixed Meat Gyro with Pork, Chicken and French Fries stuffed into the sandwich. Split it with a friend or save half for tomorrow because it’s a big, greasy, delicious sandwich slathered in Tzatziki with tomato and onions. I usually pair it with a coke and a Greek salad or sometimes more french fries. Messini’s is located on the Danforth, open late on the weekends and their gyro sandwich is under $5!


2) Montreal-Style Bagel at St. Urbain Bagel

If I’m going to splurge on a big toasty bagel, THIS is where it’s worth every single calorie. I would also like to add that St. Lawrence Market deserves it’s own category and I’ve written about my Must-Eats of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market because I am so damn passionate about this place. There is SO much more to eat then just bagels, but if I had to pick one – this is probably it. I can’t visit Toronto without a Onion Bagel with Garlic Cream Cheese from St. Urbain Bagel. Pop downstairs to the coffee roasters and grab a cup to go with OR head over to Freshly Squeezed for an orange or grapefruit juice.


3) The Traditional Poutine at Poutini’s

Before I moved to Los Angeles, I lived ACROSS the street in a condo from Poutini’s. It literally took ALL my willpower not to eat poutine every single day. If I had to pick the best poutine in Toronto, I would have to go with Poutini’s for their slick homemade gravy, melty curds and perfect hand-cut fries. And if you’re going to go big, add an extra layer of curds for only $2. Best when shared with a friend. (more…)

La Bruschetta Restaurant – Toronto


I have a new favourite Italian restaurant in Toronto.

If you’re craving truly authentic Italian food in an unpretentious setting in Toronto’s Corso Italia neighbourhood – then this mom & pop restaurant is for you. La Bruschetta on St. Clair Avenue West knocked it out of the park for me. I get to enjoy a lot of fine dining thanks to this job, but I would take a home cooked Italian meal from La Bruschetta any day.

So how did I come across this place? My accountant is the same accountant as the owner of La Bruschetta and he swears by the food – it is delicious. Since we were dining with a regular, Paul and I sat back and let our accounting team order and let the staff at La Bruschetta work their magic.

We started with a half order of Penne All’ Arrabiata, cooked perfectly al dente in a spicy, garlic tomato sauce ($13, above). First off, you should know that ALL the pasta is made fresh in-house, so you should eat as much of it as humanly possible. We followed this with the Rigatoni Boscaiola tossed with a ground lamb and cremini mushroom bolognese, simmered in brandy and finished with truffle oil ($21, above). So many flavours happening at once with this dish and all of it complimenting on another. The pasta dishes were some of the best I have ever eaten.


We enjoyed two delicious salads – Caesar Salad ($9) with homemade dressing and a Spinach Salad ($12) served with sliced pear, walnuts and brie cheese in a honey, nectar and garlic dressing. (more…)