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Easy Banana Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of Yonanas

Have you tried making banana ice cream yet?

It’s pretty much become my go-to dessert. Trust me, if I could eat ice cream everyday – I would. But to avoid becoming a million pounds I try to limit my intake of desserts – even though I have an incredibly intense sweet tooth. That being said, I’m always on the hunt for healthy desserts. No seriously, if you have any healthy dessert ideas send them MY WAY.



Photo courtesy of Yonanas

Yes, there IS a Santa Claus because these such things exist! Which brings me to banana ice cream. You seriously take frozen bananas + frozen something else, blend it together and you have frozen banana ice cream.

Don’t believe me?

You NEED this in your life.

Some of my favourite banana ice cream combos include:

  1. Banana + Frozen Straberries
  2. Banana + Match Green Tea Powder
  3. Banana + Frozen Peaches
  4. Banana + Nutella
  5. Banana + Cocoa Powder + Chocolate Chips

You can blend all these items together in a blender, but to get a super awesome soft-serve consistency you can try using a Yonanas machine which gets the texture just right. Banana ice cream is also vegan and dairy-free for those that are latcose-intolerant, this is perfect. (more…)

5 Healthy Recipes to Try This Weekend


It’s almost the weekend!

I’ve picked out 5 healthy recipes I want to try out this weekend and thought I would share my finds with you. I’ve been trying to get into this whole meal prep thing so I can eat healthier at home, instead of caving and ordering Thai take-out when there’s nothing in the fridge. Lack of groceries and waiting until I’m absolutely starving always ends badly.

My game plan right now is to shop on Saturday and prep as much as I can for the week on Sunday. Sounds good in theory right? I know if I can get myself to do this, I will be setting myself up for success. So here are the healthy recipes I’ve picked out for the week:


Breakfast – To-Go Baked Oatmeal from The Wholesome Dish


Dessert – One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream from That Clean Life (more…)