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5 Adorable Ring Holders


I’ve been on the prowl for cute ring holders lately and have been searching for something unique to store my jumble of odds and ends. I’m usually pulling my jewelry off as soon as I get home and stash everything in my nightstand with a bunch of of other junk I had in there. I once LOST both my rings in that drawer, went searching like crazy and found them in a pocket in my jean shorts.

That was a major panic attack that I would NEVER like to repeat again. Which got me thinking – I should get adulting on this and find a place to put my pretty rings in order. Which got me on the hunt for something I could put on top of my dresser.

Anthroplogie score! I found this cute little umbrella-shaped ring holder last week for only $8. I finally have a place to store all my rings – I love a cheap thrill. For now, it’s sitting on a mirrored tray that I have on my dresser. This would even make a cute little engagement gift for a friend. Actually ANY of these would be something small, sweet and thoughtful for a newly engaged girlfriend along with a small card.

Here a couple other ring holders and dishes I think you might like:


 Personalized ring holder from WiththisDish on etsy.


Stocking Stuffers + Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $50


For the Health Nut – Colds suck. But the Sniffle Slayer Lollipops from Quin Candy ($7.50/bag) are made with spicy ginger and lemon to soothe a stuffed up nose or sore throat. Throw a couple of these into a stocking for good measure. Maybe a lollipop can cure a cold? Doesn’t matter – I’m going with it.



For the Organizer – If someone you love still insists on putting pen to paper and swears by their ‘paper’ calendar system, then you’ll want to scoop up one of these Weekly Planners from Ecojot ($16). I love Ecojot because all their products are made with 100% recycled paper and they give away a ton of notebooks and writing utensils to children in need in developing countries. So you’re also doing good! (more…)