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The Start-up Costs of Running an Airbnb


We bought an Airbnb about a month ago now and we’re starting to face all the expenses that comes with it. I said to Paul, the first 6 months are going to be the hardest – but once we get this thing off the ground, it’s going to be a ton of fun!

We’re now only about 2.5 months from construction being complete and being handed the keys to our new place in Olivia Beach on the Oregon Coast in Lincoln City.

If you’re thinking about doing the same thing, here are some start-up costs to consider:


Beach House Design Ideas: The Master Bathroom


I considered this mermaid tile for a second, but $$$

We bought a beach house last month and decided to turn it into an airbnb.

Construction is already under way in the Olivia Beach community and we are 2.5 months away from completion! Which means I have about another 2-3 weeks to finish up any design decisions, figure out paint colours, order the bathroom vanities, floor tiles, shower tiles and finish pricing out the engineered hardwood.

Here’s what the Powder Room + Kitchen will look like. My next project?


Beach House Design Ideas: The Kitchen


The inspiration from Nicole Davis Interiors

We bought a beach house last month and construction is moving along quickly! On our last visit the foundation was poured, the house had been framed, the plumbing was put in and we did our electrical walk through to figure out where all the lights and switches will go.

We’ve had a great experience thanks to the amazing team at Olivia Beach. I know we are spoiled, because with any other builder – it is rare to be allowed this much customization.

I made some decisions on the design of our main floor powder room already.

My next project? (more…)

Why We Bought An Airbnb


Have you stayed at an airbnb before?

Paul and I recently moved to Portland and our plan was to buy a one bedroom condo in the Pearl District, live in it for at least two years and then decide if we were going to stay in the city or rent the condo out to travel.

Well that plan didn’t work.

First off, there was a lack of supply of units that we liked and what worked in our price range. Finally, when we did find the perfect combination of the two – we ended up in a bidding war with two other parties and lost out to an offer that waived an inspection and bank appraisal.

I was over it. (more…)

This Beautiful Life: Jennifer Miller


By: Lisa Ng

Jennifer Miller and I met in high school.

When we reconnected on Facebook, her photos were full of exciting travel adventures and fun times in Paris with her husband Ryan. Intrigued, I had to ask her, “What do you do for a living and how do you get to travel so much?” Here’s how Jennifer and her husband created their own online business and vagabond lifestyle together!

You and Ryan run a short-term vacation rental business in Paris! How did you get started?

We purchased a small studio apartment in Paris and started to rent to tourists. Soon, other owners contacted us because they were frustrated with their French agencies, so our agency was born! We now manage 20 units, which we operate mostly online with staff on the ground in Paris who maintain our apartments and greet our clients. At the same time, we also purchased income properties in upstate New York.


My First US Thanksgiving + Birthday Weekend!


Doing some Black Friday shopping in Santa Monica

What a weekend. Between Thanksgiving, celebrating my birthday, Black Friday shopping and a day at the beach – this was a weekend to truly be thankful for. Our lovely friends whom we met because we rented their airbnb  last year, were so nice to invite us to their family Thanksgiving dinner.

It was our first official Thanksgiving as US residents and it was definitely the one to remember. This is also why airbnb is the BEST! We became really good friends with two sets of hosts and meet-up regularly now they we live in LA. (more…)