This Beautiful Day’s 2016 Summer Round-up


I can’t believe we’re already halfway through summer. 

I’m trying to make the most of what’s left of July and plan on doing as much as possible to get outside and soak up the sun in August. We’re thinking one more camping trip in August and something to celebrate our anniversary as well.

I’ve been keeping busy reading, trying new recipes, relaxing and getting all settled into life in Portland. I have a couple things that I’m in love with right now and thought I would share it with you in a little summer round-up:

the desire map

READ – The Desire Map

I was actually sent this book by a PR company and it’s actually not something I would buy for myself at the bookstore. However! I am LOVING it so far. Danielle LaPorte’s book The Desire Map is all about setting goals with soul. What makes you feel great? What sort of goals can you set to evoke that feeling more often. It’s a new way to think about things and September is the new January, so I can’t wait to get through this book.

davids tea

DRINK – More Iced Tea

I love the subtle caffeine kick that I get from tea and David’s Tea has come out with a Summer Boardwalk collection that’s perfect for drinking over ice. Grape Freeze is a green tea blend that reminds me of eating purple freezies. The blend is made from green tea with bits of black currants and natural flavour. I loved iced tea because it contains zero calories and is incredibly refreshing. I like my iced tea without sweetener. It also tastes delicious as frozen iced tea pops!

stranger things

WATCH – Stranger Things

Winona Forever! Winona Ryder is back in this amazing homage to the 80s in the new Netflix series, Stranger Things. If you haven’t seen it – get on it stat. You’ll be flooded with memories of your childhood. Remember life before cellphones, text messages and the internet? They actually had to solve crime by going to the library and looking at old microfiche film!

strawberry coconut lime froyo

EAT – Strawberry Coconut Lime Froyo Recipe

I have a pretty out of control sweet tooth. To stop me from eating cake and cookies all the time, I’ve looked up a few ‘healthier’ dessert alternatives and came across this divine recipe  from Jillian Harris for Strawberry Coconut Lime Froyo. You can even make it in a magic bullet or blender. Just combine frozen strawberries, lime juice and coconut Greek yogurt and blend. See the recipe here!

shark blast scrub pocket mop

HOME – The Shark Blast & Scrub Steam Mop

My new loft is all hardwood floors and I wanted to find something better than a mop and bucket.  With the Shark Blast & Scrub Steam Mop the water heats up inside the mop and you simply just steam the dirt away with the dual-sided reusable cleaning pad. I like that the water is hot for disinfecting and the mop doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. It also transforms into a handheld steamer.


PLAN – A September Getaway

Ever feel like you missed the boat on planning and booking stuff for the summer? This totally happened to us and a lot of campsites, cabins and hotels were already booked up for the summer when we were ready to book. So get your calendar out and book a September getaway NOW. The kids are back in school, everything will be way less crowded and the prices will be cheaper too. Check out my 8 Fall Getaway Ideas from Toronto + Glamping Getaway Ideas!

day designer

ORGANIZE – Whitney English Day Designer

I recently invested into a Whitney English Day Designer and it’s really made it easier to plan my day. Yes, the thing is big – but I usually keep it on my desk so I can see my calendar and to-do list at a glance. I love pen and paper and this is one of the best organizers I’ve found on the market.


What are you loving right now for summer?