Summer Playlist: Campfires + Roadtrips

Poler tent summer playlist

I’m headed out on my very FIRST camping trip in over 10+ years.

My biggest issue that leads to major avoidance?

Mosquitos!!! I somehow manage to attract every mosquito in the forest and when I get a bite – the WHOLE area swells up to the size of the marshmallow. The worst bite I ever got was on my ankle, which got so swollen I could barely walk on it.

Do you have any tactics you use to avoid getting bitten?


So I am beyond stocked up right now with citronella candles, an anti-mosquito bracelet, natural bug spray and long pants and shirts. I really want to make this a big experience because Paul loves to camp and it’s way easier to do this with our dog BINGO. There’s no pet deposit or pet fee and we get to hang out outside in the beauty of Oregon.

We decided on Tuesday that we would go camping in Hood River, found a campsite by Wednesday and bought an entire camping set-up by Thursday! We basically bought a tent, two sleeping bags, two camping pads and two camping pillows for now. Do you use a camping pad or an air mattress when you go camping?

This is going to be a super interesting weekend…

I’m going to add more camping things as we go, but want to keep our set-up super minimal because storage in our condo is a real pain. What are your camping essentials?

We’re not backpacking, but just car camping mainly in the summer and fall – so our set-up is bulky, but I think we’re going to be ok with that.

For those heading away to the cottage, out on a roadtrip or camping – I made a little playlist with a few of my favourite lo-fi mellow jams for chilling by the campfire.

Hope you enjoy + have a great weekend!