Cute + Stylish Camping Stuff

camping stuff poler

Looking for new camping stuff?

I recently went camping for the first time in 10+ years, which meant starting from scratch when it came to our camping equipment! Since we plan on keeping this gear for as long as possible – I wanted to invest into some fun and stylish camping stuff that I would look forward to using.

Here are a few of my favourites that I found during my search for new camping gear:

brotanical poler tent

The Poler Two-Man Tent in Brotanical 

Though a bit more expensive, I splurged on this fun floral tent from boutique Portland camping-outfitter Poler Stuff. First thing you should know, it’s bigger than your typical two-person tent and comfortably fit Paul, BINGO and I. It’s more like a three-person tent, because of it’s square-ish dome shape. There’s only one pole that snaps together so it’s super easy to put up and stores away compactly.

poler stuff camp vibes

Thermarest Camp Pillow + Camp Mattress

We decided to ditch the air mattress and bought these inflatable camping pads. They were super comfy to lie on, but not as great for side sleeping – but overall it was still fine.  They also pack up super small. The camp pillows squeeze up really small and are filled with cushy foam that molds around your head. This was a good buy because I didn’t have to bring a huge pillow with me.

enamelware mug

Personalized Enamelware Coffee Mugs

What’s camping without a hot coffee or tea first thing in the morning? These coffee mugs from etsy can be personalized and feature a fun camp motif. Each one is hand-painted and would look super cute for your camping set-up.

fjallraven backpacks

Fjallraven Backpack

You’ll definitely want a day bag to carry water, snacks and essentials during any of your day trips or hikes. I would suggest one of these stylish and bright mini backpacks from Swedish brand Fjallraven. It’s not too big that it’s a pain to carry around and you can use it when you’re not camping too.

mini hozuki lantern snow peak

Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern

Better than a regular old flashlight! This cute little Hozuki Lantern from Japanese brand, Snow Peak can clip magnetically to your backpack, belt loop and inside your tent for a compact lighting option.

rolla roaster marshmallow sticks

Rolla Roaster Marshmallow Sticks

One of the BEST things I found during a camp shopping trip were these rotating marshmallow sticks. With a flick of a thumb you can rotate this two-pronged telescopic stick for even hot dog and marshmallow roasting!

kelty tru.comfort zip sleeping bag

Kelty Sleeping Bag with Built-in Blanket

This super stylish sleeping bag features a zip-off blanket that you can use if you’re too cold or remove if you’re too hot. It’s also great for snuggling around the campfire or using as picnic blanket during the day. The oversized hood also fits a standard size pillow.


Enamelware Dinnerware Set

West Elm has this sleek and minimalist enamelware dinnerware set that you can add to your camp kitchen. Plates run at around $10 each and a set of 4 mugs for $24. The set is so stylish that you could even use it everyday.


A Camping Playlist!

What’s a weekend away without the perfect playlist? Stream or download my free Campfires + Roadtrips Playlist on Spotify. It’s lo-fi for a relaxing drive into the woods or a chill night next to the campfire. Don’t forget to bring a long a small portable speaker for music all weekend. I like this one and this one.


What are your favourite camping essentials? Any stylish and unique finds?