How Do You Stop Sugar Cravings?


I’ve made it to Day TEN with no booze or soda since the beginning of my Dry January Challenge and guess what?

The sugar cravings have set in.

I think my body is going into a wee sugar withdrawl from what I used to get from alcohol and soda. Giving up alcohol hasn’t been so bad at all. Everyone I know has cut back after the holidays that doing a Dry January hasn’t been too difficult.


Soda, I realize is a habit I could easily fall back into. Especially when I’m at a party or eating certain foods. My body actually craves a soda to contrast anytime I’m eating really salty or greasy food – which I have also been cutting back on.

This one has been a harder battle, but I’ve stuck mainly to flavoured sparkling water, lemon water, kombucha and drinking LOTS of tea.

I find myself wanting to eat more sweets like cookies, cupcakes and things I usually don’t crave all the time. So I’ve tried to swap in more fruit like apple slices and bananas – but it’s hard.

So I want to know, how you stop sugar cravings?