Stocking Stuffers + Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $50


For the Health Nut – Colds suck. But the Sniffle Slayer Lollipops from Quin Candy ($7.50/bag) are made with spicy ginger and lemon to soothe a stuffed up nose or sore throat. Throw a couple of these into a stocking for good measure. Maybe a lollipop can cure a cold? Doesn’t matter – I’m going with it.



For the Organizer – If someone you love still insists on putting pen to paper and swears by their ‘paper’ calendar system, then you’ll want to scoop up one of these Weekly Planners from Ecojot ($16). I love Ecojot because all their products are made with 100% recycled paper and they give away a ton of notebooks and writing utensils to children in need in developing countries. So you’re also doing good!


For the Lazy Cook – Have you ever just wanted a damn grilled cheese sandwich but have been too lazy/drunk/tired to make one? Enter the genius Toaster Grilled Cheese Bag!!! ($10)Just assemble your bread & cheese into a bag and push a button. Each bag can be used up to 50 times and includes 3 bags.



For the Workholic – Shopping for a complete stress-case? The Aveda Stress-Fix Relief Oil ($24) is a lifesaver and a cubicle must-have. I like rubbing this oil on my wrist and temples at work and when I fly. It’s aromatherapy on-the-go in a mini roller bottle. Made or organic oils and fragranced with french lavender, lavandin and clary sage. Breathe deeply.

Morris-Kitchen-Trio-Syrup-Gift-SetFor the Mixologist – I have been a fan of Morris Kitchen Syrups ever since I spotted them at the Brooklyn Flea a couple years ago. This Morris Kitchen Gift Set is perfect for the budding mixologist or foodie. I love using the ginger syrup for making my own ginger ale at home.



For Anyone with a Nose – I love the sound and smell of a wood-burning fire. Alas, I am without a luxurious fireplace of my own, so I’ve settled for a Woodwick Candle (from $15). The wick is made of wood (duh) and mimics the sounds of a crackling fire. Perfect for a cold winter’s night in with a book and a cup of tea. Comes in a variety of scents including Campfire Marshmallow!


For Your Office Buds – Make ice cream at the office with the Play & Freeze Ice Cream Ball ($20). Just add ice, rock salt and your ice cream mix and proceed to kick around the office! How else are you going to pass a Friday after 3 pm? Um – with this. Also sort of fun for kids too – but who wants to share?



For the Beauty Queen – What’s not to love about this glittery + glam collection of eye shadows? The Hard Candy Top 10 Shadow Palette ($9) slips perfectly into a stocking and is affordable enough for a cute little secret santa gift. Comes in four different palettes.




For the Tech Geek – A very cute way to keep your iPhone charger neat and tidy. The Goldie Cablekeep ($16) leaves everything tangle-free and pops easily into a suitcase, laptop bag or purse.



For Your Bestie – The Vanilla Coconut Cake Box ($21.50) is perfect for the pretty lady in your life. I love Rocky Mountain Soap because it’s all-natural with no harsh chemicals and provides a deep moisture with products like shea butter. This kit includes a sampler of their soap, lip balm, body butter and bath salts.


What are you stuffing everyone’s stocking with this year?