7 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling


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Winter is in full swing and many of us have a hot weather vacation planned to escape the cold! After years of travelling, I finally decided that I was done feeling like I needed another vacation from my vacation. I wanted to protect my ‘vacation bliss’.

So I’ve taken some serious steps towards staying healthy while travelling – because getting sick is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Here’s what I recommend:

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1) Be Prepared

Before I go away, I prepare as much as possible so I can enjoy my experiences away with peace of mind. If you are heading to popular destinations such as Mexico and the Caribbean, it’s a good idea to make sure you are up to date with your travel vaccinations. Coming home unwell is a sure way to burst your vacation bliss bubble.

Add over-the-counter medications to your check list in the event that you have the misfortune of digestive issues, nausea, or travellers’ diarrhea – as these can be expensive or difficult to find while you’re travelling. I also like to bring a little travel-size pack of disinfecting wipes – because you never know if the airplane cleaning staff got around to wiping your little area down. They are also handy to have when you can’t find soap or a sink while out and about.


2) Stay Hydrated

The BEST way to battle jet lag and to keep your immune system healthy is to make sure you are fully hydrated. Drink LOTS of water the day before you leave and make sure you pick up a large bottle before boarding your flight.

DO drink the whole bottle before you land and avoid caffeine and alcohol on your travel days to give your system a rest.


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3) Do One Active Thing a Day

Book one activity for every single day of your trip. Seek out a local yoga class, rent a bike, hit the gym, swim laps or hike a trail. Not only will this keep your workout routine in check, you’ll likely feel better about yourself after you return.

I like getting my workout over with in the morning, so I have my whole day free for relaxing and lounging by the pool. If there’s something unique to my destination, I make sure to schedule that into my trip first!


4) Hit the Spa

Do your body good by booking a massage to work out all those knots and kinks acquired from sitting at a desk all day. Or indulge with a pedicure. On a budget? Purchase a day pass instead and relax in the hot tub, steam room and sauna.


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5) Fill Half Your Plate with Vegetables or Salad

Those all-you-can-eat buffets can take your healthy eating habits off the rails and cause you to overeat. Start by perusing the entire buffet and pick out the things you really want to eat. Fill half your plate with vegetables or salad and then add your proteins and starch.

Don’t wait until you’re absolutely starving to eat dinner. You will likely make less healthy choices and overeat. Be mindful and check-in with yourself to see if you’re full, chew slowly and put down your fork between bites.


6) Disconnect Your Tech

I’m guilty of checking emails and sharing on social media while on vacation. Do make a point to disconnect your tech and put away your phone at all meals. If you do have to check your emails, do it only once per day and put your out of office reply on.

For social media sharing, I’ll take pictures all day and wait until later in the day to share my photos – instead of constantly checking my phone or being interrupted by social notifications. While you’re at it – turn those social notifications off as well!



7) Pack Healthy Snacks

Airport food is improving, but I always travel with a suitcase full of fruit + nut protein bars for a quick and healthy snack or breakfast on-the-go. If you’re at the airport, go for an apple, the kid’s meal, a cheese plate or a small sandwich to tie you over. I generally avoid all airplane food and try to pack healthy snacks or purchase healthier food before I board.


How do you stay healthy when you travel? Any tips to share?

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  • Such great tips! I always forget to stay hydrated on travel days and my skin always suffers for it. I never to spa days on vacation but I totally want to next time. It’s nice to set aside time to relax amongst all the fun 🙂

    • Spa days are totally the best! I love when it’s one of my final parts of my vacation so I get on the plane totally mellow and relaxed (I’m a nervous flier!).