Spring Active Wear Picks From Lululemon


I’ve been working out a lot more since moving to California.

There’s a health-concious culture here in LA and my cotton sweats just weren’t cutting it any more. So when my friends at Lululemon invited me in for a fitting, it was perfect timing because I wanted to learn more about what differentiates Lululemon from the cheap-o stuff I bought for $10.

The first thing I learned is that it’s the special fabrics itself that Lululemon uses to craft their products with. This isn’t the cotton stuff that sticks to you when you sweat. Lululemon strives to develop fully functional products that look good with hidden features, pockets and messages that are well thought out for their customers.

I decided to test this theory out for myself and gave these Lululemon products a test-drive:


The Free To Be Bra ($42) is one of the BEST sports bras I have ever owned. First off, it’s built for small-busted women like myself and comes with optional removable cups so you can control how much coverage and support you want. The fabric is Luxtreme which is sweat-wicking and has a four-way stretch. What I love most about the bra is the unique ‘rubber band-like’ design for the back cross-straps.


The Clip-In Crop ($88) is designed for spinning, but I fell in love with these cropped workout pants as soon as I tried them on. The pants cut off a lot higher than the typical crop because they are for spinning. Usually cropped pants hit in the middle of my calf, but these hit just below knee – which I find much more flattering and comfortable on my petite 5’2″ frame. The clip-in crop also has a high waistband in the back, so you’re not flashing the world while you’re spinning. I like wearing them for yoga as well!

The fabric is also Lululemon’s signature Luxtreme and the pants feature mesh panels so your skin can breathe. I’ve been wearing my Clip-In Crop for running and they are currently my favourite pair of workout pants.


The All Sport Bra ($52) – I could never find the optimal support when it came to a good sports bra for running. You want something that holds everything in place but isn’t so tight that you’re uncomfortable. This bra is the perfect balance of everything I want in a sports bra with great support, flexibility and comfort. Made from sweat-wicking Luxtreme fabric, the back is lined with mesh and the design is simple, sleek and makes me look and feel strong. The seams are flat to reduce chafing during your workouts.


The Light As Air Hipster Underwear ($18) – I know what you’re all thinking, $18 for underwear?!? I bought just one pair of these and I already want to buy more. It solves every problem I despise about uncomfortable cotton underwear during my workouts. The hipster cut is ultra-flattering and the Transluxent fabric feels like silk, but is also moisture-wicking. They really do feel like you’re wearing nothing and you won’t be tugging and pulling at your undies during a workout.

Nakedseam technology built into the design helps reduce chafe and visible panty lines under your tight yoga pants. The underwear also features four-way stretch so they move with you, not against you. I don’t think I could run another race, go for a big hike or a sweaty workout without these.


The Santa Monica location was the first Lululemon to launch in the United States, back in 2003. This flagship location was recently renovated to give it more of a community hub type of feel with room for events in this vast 5,000 square-foot space. There is a 12-foot share table, a flat screen TV, a custom kitchen area with a coffee and keg station. When you look up at the ceiling, there’s a mural made of tiny blue tiles inpsired by the beach. The goal of the store was to bring the outdoors in.


Overall, I was incredibly happy with all my Lululemon picks and after hearing about the thought and technical consideration put into every product, I will be ditching all my cheap-o workout clothes and investing into a few key pieces that I feel good in and will love.


The products mentioned in this post were supplied by Lululemon, however the opinions expressed in this post will always remain my own.