Spa Life: Four Seasons Hotel Toronto


The best way to experience the Four Seasons Spa in Toronto, is to GO FOR THE DAY.

That’s right.

Clear your schedule for the next 2-3 hours to fully linger, relax and to have lunch at the hotel after your treatment. No one ever said they regretted spending a day at the spa!


The Four Seasons Toronto Spa features an indoor swimming pool, lounger chairs, a co-ed whirlpool (bring your suit) and steam room that all deserves at least an hour for you to wander and not rush through. I generally like to take a relaxing soak in the hot tub, visit the steam room and shower before a massage. After my treatment, I usually do a quick rinse to get all the oils off if I have plans to go out after. Otherwise, I let all those amazing oils just soak on in.


You’ll also want to spend some time in the relaxation area within the change room which features a large sofa and smaller conversation couch areas to linger in. I spent some time here sipping herbal tea, eating chocolate biscotti and drinking lots of water to flush out the toxins and to stay hydrated.

Our Couples Massage began in a private room with a scent journey and five aromatherapy oils to choose from. Paul and I both ended up choosing a dark blue eucalyptus oil to soothe our sore muscles after a stiff plane ride from Los Angeles. Next up, was choosing music from an iPad off their spa music selection. We opted for a subterranean chill-out mix to zen us out. My therapist Marius worked on my arms, legs, scalp and back kneading out all the knots with long strokes and medium pressure. It definitely didn’t hurt like a shiatsu massage did and it was super relaxing.


A plush robe, slippers, towels and locker are also provided – so no need to pack too much for your visit. Massages start from $170 for 60 minutes and include access to all the amenities stated above. Which makes it all the more worthwhile if you can truly make a spa day out of it.

I like to stretch out this glorious ‘ME’ day for as long as possible and would recommend treating yourself to lunch at d Bar afterwards or dinner at Cafe Boulud – both excellent dining options inside the hotel. The menu at d Bar offers more casual fare and healthy items like a chopped salad, seared albacore tuna and a soup of the day. Cafe Boulud is open for dinner only and a great place to meet a friend afterwards for a splurge-y fine dining experience over several glasses of wine.


If you’re thinking staycation – the best way to end a glorious day at the spa is booking a room at the hotel – lying bed, ordering room service and watching a movie. The effects of your massage should kick-in shortly and you’ll be out like a light.

If you’re ON vacation – I recommend booking a spa treatment for the night you arrive – so you’re fully relaxed after commuting. If that’s not possible, I usually book for check-out day – so I have a place to hang and I can be truly relaxed on the plane ride home.


The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto Spa

60 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, Ontario M4W 0A4, Canada

(416) 964-0411


Photos courtesy of The Four Seasons


Disclosure: The Four Seasons was so lovely to host our couples’ massage, however the opinions expressed in this post remain my own.