5 Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

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The holidays are just around the corner and I wanted to send out a little reminder on pet safety tips to keep your cat or dog happy and healthy this holiday season! I only recently adopted my dog BINGO a year and a half ago and never owned a dog before then. I didn’t realize how much there was still for me to learn and all the things I didn’t know.

Of course, these are all tips and tricks I picked up as a pet owner and I’m not a licensed medical professional. So do check with your vet for more information!

My 5 pet safety tips for the holidays:


1) Ditch the Poinsettia, Holly + Mistletoe

Poinsettia plants, holly and mistletoe can be poisonous to cats and dogs. I don’t take the risk and so I leave these plants off my holiday decorating list. Lillies, holly berries and rosemary plants should also be avoided for pet safety. If your pet ingests any of these plants, call your vet asap for further instructions.


2) Empty Your Kitchen Garbage

My dog has somehow figured out how-to knock the garbage over and empty it of its contents while spreading everything all over the carpet. Since your kitchen trash over the holidays may be fuller and have chocolate, turkey bones or other things your pet shouldn’t eat inside of it – DO make a habit of emptying your kitchen garbage before you leave for the day.


I like to keep BINGO full and happy with Purina’s Beneful IncrediBites made just for small dogs with real chicken and no sugar added. They are tender and crunchy mini bites that are easy for him to chew. In addition to real chicken, IncrediBites are accented with carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach and he LOVES it. It’s one less thing I need to worry about it during the busy holiday season.


3) Hold the Gravy + Other Fatty Foods

As a new pet owner, I didn’t know that gravy and other fatty foods or pieces of fatty meat are potentially harmful to my dog. Their little digestive systems are not made to process super high levels of fat and therefore pancreatitis could be triggered. Avoid giving them gravy, bacon or other fatty pieces of meat.

Cooked chicken or turkey bones are also a no-no! The cooked bones can break inside after being swallowed and could puncture an organ. Stock up on some super special treats over the holidays for your pet instead. I give BINGO these Beggin’ Strips that look like actual bacon, smell like bacon and are bacon-flavored too! I buy the ‘Littles’ size for my pint-size pup so they are easier for him to chew.


4) Keep Ornaments + Holiday Lights Up High

Hang your holiday ornaments and lights on your Christmas tree up high, so your dog or cat are not tempted to pull down your whole tree and hurt themselves in the process. Broken glass ornaments are the last thing you want your pet to get curious about.

You might also want to pass on the tinsel, which when swallowed can be very hazardous to your pet and can usually only be removed by surgery. Keep string or ribbon off of your packages and perhaps add them right before the gift is about to be opened.


5) Prepare Ahead for Holiday Fireworks

New Years’ Eve can also mean fireworks. Make sure your pet is inside and your doors and windows are closed in case he or she gets scared and tries to runaway. A thundershirt, soothing music or a quiet room might help. Do keep an eye on your pet as they are very sensitive to loud sounds and the fireworks can hurt their ears or frighten them immensely.


Purina Beggin’ Strips


When you’re doing your holiday shopping, do make sure to check out your local Kroger or Fred Meyer store to stock up on pet food, pet treats, and toys to pamper your favorite furry friend. You can find it all in the pet food aisle like the one above.

For more ideas check out #ToPetsWithLove + Purina Beneful online!

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  • Momma Told Me

    These are all great tips- not many people know about the dangers of holiday plants. My cat, in particular, loves to chew on things so I’m careful of what I put on tables and shelves. #client

    • I had to hide all the tissue boxes and close the bathroom door because my pup LOVES to chew on kleenex and toilet paper – it’s SO weird!