The Persil ProClean Laundry Test + Giveaway!


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I actually like doing laundry.

However, this only happened very recently. Paul and I were living in an older complex that had shared laundry facilities and I used to dread having to lug baskets back and forth. Since then, we’ve moved into a condo with an in-suite washer and dryer unit and I can’t stop doing laundry.

It gives me this weird sense of control, calm and feeling of productivity. Since our laundry machines are right there, I find myself throwing a load in whenever I can. Now that I have in-suite laundry, I can never go back!

persil proclean laundry detergent

The second most important thing was finding a powerful detergent that can bust through the stains and smells of two adults and a dog. Between our multiple trips to the gym, dog park, hikes and camping trips – we have a lot of laundry to do.

Persil ProClean 2in1 is a blue power liquid detergent with pro-lift technology that recently launched in Canada. Haven’t heard of it? Persil is a top European brand and recently beat out Tide in a Consumer Reports ranking.

persil review

Not only does it work amazingly, it also smells great! Even after pulling my clothes out of the dryer (with no dryer sheet), my clothes still had that freshly laundered smell – aaaaahhhhh. The pro-lift enzymes worked hard to remove tough stains and lifted away all the paw prints I have on my pants from my dog BINGO jumping up on me.

Each 1.18L bottle is good for 25 loads and the bottle is small enough that it can tuck away neatly next to my laundry machine. For really tough stains, you can pre-treat the spot with Persil ProClean detergent, rubbing it in and letting it sit for just 5 minutes before washing For great tips to tackle lots of tough stains, visit the ‘laundry tips’ section on the Persil ProClean website.

persil proclean power pearls

Need something tougher for your whites? 

I hear ya. When your sheets look like they’re starting to yellow and your towels need brightening up, reach for Persil ProClean Power-Pearls which are formulated to make your whites even whiter. It even works for colours.

Just sprinkle the pearls into a load of whites and let the cleaning enzymes do all the work. The dust-free pearls don’t make a mess, you only have to fill up to line 1 for a regular load, and it dispenses easily out of the jug. A bottle is good for about 50 loads and dispenses easily out of plastic jug. No more heavy boxes of powder to lug around!

persil laundry detergent review

Want to try it out for yourself? 

I’m giving one lucky reader in Canada a chance to WIN a Persil prize pack! The prize includes a bottle of Persil Pro-Clean Power Pearls + the #1 rated Persil Pro-Clean 2in1 + a $75 gift card from Shoppers Drug MartTo enter, head on over to our Facebook page and tell us in THIS comment thread,

“What’s the toughest laundry stain you’ve had to tackle at your house?”

We will choose one winner at random and the contest ends on Monday August 1st at 11:59 PM PST. Prize must be accepted as awarded, no purchase necessary, open to Canadian addresses only.

Persil ProClean is available at Wal-Mart, Loblaws, Superstores, Zehrs, Metro, Costco, Shoppers Drug Mart and Sobeys stores across Canada. Follow them on Twitter @PersilProClean + on Facebook at Persil ProClean Canada.

Good luck!




  • Gail Butler

    Red wine is the toughest stain at our house!

  • Amy Lovell

    Mustard is usually the culprit at our house!

  • chocolate stains

  • Jodi Mitrovic

    You’d be surprised by the amount of blood stains I come across. With one husband and two little boys it seems to be a common stain in our home and I always have a super difficult time removing it especially if I don’t catch it right away. I heard a lot of great things about Persil and will be sure to give them a go 🙂 Thanks so much!

  • L. Goad

    That would be “grease” in a few work shirts and jeans from my husband’s line of work!

  • joanne darrell

    Pasta stains are the toughest stains at our house.

  • annet

    The toughest stain we tackle right now is baby poop, baby food and hubby’s sweaty reffing uniform!

    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  • Kara Stevens

    the kids and their grass stains – but at least they are playing outside – this would really help!

  • Amber Keller-Beer

    Ketchup and these days mold since the kids don’t air out their wet clothes

  • Amanda Preece

    where to start< baby poop,tomato sauce,melted crayon and oil and concrete from my husband work. good thing i like doing laundry cause i'm doing it everyday 😉

  • Debbie S.

    I find the motor oil and motor grease are the hardest to get out at my house.

  • Michelle Armstrong

    My old washer got oil all over our clothes. Also a lot of food stains. Children……need I say more? Lol

  • selbys

    Greasy foods are my problem and when they are tomato based, it is even worse.

  • pinksuzanne

    Grease and oil on my husband’s clothing is very difficult to remove.

  • Amy Heffernan

    I would have to say the toughest laundry stain I have had in my home is baby food and milk! Thanks!

  • lynnclayton

    grass and grape juice

  • Christine Murray

    I think the toughest stain in our house is bicycle grease.

  • Gaetanne

    Blueberries! our son loves blueberries but his white clothing does not!

  • Christine Topley

    I would have to say the toughest laundry stain would be diesel fuel!

  • BaileyDexter

    I bake almost everyday, gluten free family here. The worse stain is the melted butter! So far it takes a few times just to fade it. Going to try the Persil proclean now!

  • Make sure to comment on the Facebook thread (link above) to qualify – thanks!

  • sara rai

    I would say tumeric! We use tumeric alot for cooking.

  • Wanda Tracey

    Oil or grease stains are the worst stains to get out! I would like to try this detergent because I have heard some awesome things about Persil! 🙂

  • Andrea Lee

    haha with a newborn the tougest stain has got to be the explosive mustard yellow poops!

  • TY

    Toughest stain has to be any type of oil stain. It frustrates me when I get grease on my clothes and can’t get it out!

  • Maggie Cheung

    I have to say any type of grease – could be grease from bbq’ing or car … so tough to get rid of!

  • Sharron Johnston

    Grass stains are super difficult. Many thanks 🙂

  • Guylaine Chalifour

    Football and Rugby stains and smells on the clothes of my teanager!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh💪💪💪

  • Stephanie Mac Isaac

    the toughest stain to get out is mud, it never seems to come out for me

  • Rebecca

    Grease stains from working on machinery out at the barn.


    the grass stains on the knees of my husbands pants after a day of weeding gardens is so ground in that it is very hard to totally remove Help!!!!!

  • blessedta


  • blessedta