On The Road Again


We are on the road again! Since my big annoucement last Friday, hubby and I have packed up eurrything we own and drove to Chicago on Saturday for the start of our big drive across Route 66 to California. It’s funny to do this drive a SECOND time, having just done it in October for our vacation – but it’s great to stop and see a couple things on the road we missed the first time – like these gems:


Giant Gemini? Check! Eat a Chicago-style hot dog? Easy! We’re using a guidebook and a Route 66 iPhone app to help us find quirky restaurants, relics and fun stops along the way.

Of course, we’re trying to eat as healthy as much as possible. We made a stop to Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket in Joliet, Illinois – which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. It used to be the site of an old Blue Bird bus stop and the chicken basket became famous along the route.


It’s home-cooked food that’s perfect for after being on the road for a long, hot drive. We shared the Fried Chicken Dinner which came with green beans, mashed potatoes, soup, salad bar and four healthy pieces of fried chicken for $16.95! The skin reminded me of my Mom’s Shake & Bake with a retro 1950s feel to it and not the southern fried you may be thinking of. The chicken however is SO moist, after being brined for 24 hours in a salt bath.


I’ll be sharing MORE of photos from life on the road via my instagram account @ThisBeautifulDay and tweeting along @HelloLisaNg – so please come say hi! We’re also going to be shooting a stop-motion gopro video of our drive on most of Route 66 which stretches from Chicago to Santa Monica. Here’s the hook-up we have in our car to capture it all:

Route 66 Chicago on the road

Here’s a sneak peek of my video intro from the Route 66 starting point across from The Art Institue of Chicago:

We’re hoping to get into LA at the end of June and I’ll be sending lots of updates here on the blog. See you on the road!

Have you ever done a major road trip? What are your tips for surviving a long drive?