On My Laundry List

Hedgehog Laundry Dryer Balls

It’s been bananas over here and I’ve been trying to catch-up on laundry.

Hubby and I just picked up and moved across the country taking three weeks in the middle of June to drive along Route 66 from Toronto to Los Angeles. I got to LA at the start of July for five whole days, before promptly hopping on a plane to shoot a series of coffee videos for 10 days in Vancouver and Toronto. Oh yeah, where were we?

SO! We moved here with FOUR, count ’em four suitcases filled with clothes and a bunch of random things like pots & pans, our iron, my bathroom scale (?) but we were still missing a few of the basics. We are total minimalists, but we didn’t even own the bare minimum at this point. I had sold everything on Craigslist or gave things away to friends & family members (Dad, I know you’re watching my TV right now). So back to doing my laundry…

We’ve been running around like crazy people trying to buy basic things like knives and towels so our new place could feel like home again.

On one of my epic shopping trips, I came across these adorable and useful Laundry Dryer Hedgehogs for six bucks! You pop them in your dryer to detangle your laundry, so your clothes dry faster, there’s less static cling and you save money and energy with these Kikkerland hedgehog laundry balls. I’ve seen other dryer balls retail for over $20, so this was a total find! Anyhooo couldn’t keep this gem to myself. Pick them up at Cost Plus World MarketI love finding cheap and cheerful things for my home. I’m working on only keeping things that make me smile or bring me joy. What about you?

Now back to the unpacking, organizing, furniture shopping and of course, laundry.