Ninja Auto IQ Blender Review

Ninja Review

By: Paul St. Onge

I’m the chief smoothie-maker in the house, so when we received a Ninja Auto IQ Blender to review, I decided to give it a test-drive. The exact model we got was the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ with Smooth Boost Technology.

Our box included the Ninja base, a stainless steel single cup, two clear single serve cups, a dough blade, a regular blade and a low-profile blender pitcher.

Ninja Auto IQ

How is this Ninja different from previous models? 

The main blender is shorter and a little fatter then previous versions which makes it easier to clean and store. This is super helpful if you live in a small space. There are less blades on the regular blender blade, which makes it easier to clean, but doesn’t affect its blending ability.

We found the single serve cups on our previous Ninja to be too small and rarely used them. The new single serve cups are wider making it easier to fill with fruit and veggies and for cleanup afterwards.

The Ninja base is now bigger because of the new options and clock that allows you to see how long you are blending for.


What do you we like about it?

We love the auto blend versions. Which turns the blender on and off over the course of 45 seconds. This allows your fruits, veggies and ice to blend smoothly as the bigger chunks sink to the bottom every time the blender stops.

The only don’t like about it, is that the blender is really loud when it’s on. We chose a Ninja over the $600 blenders out there mainly because of price. However after using an older model of the Ninja and the new Ninja Auto IQ, there’s been lots of improvements made – our smoothies are much finer now, comparable to more expensive blenders.

What have we been making?

Usually smoothies with spinach, parsley, cilantro and a fruit – either orange, banana, strawberries or blueberries. I also THIS chocolate or vanilla protein powder.


How do you clean the Ninja?

We put our last Ninja in the dishwasher and it became white and looked worn over time. With our Ninja Auto IQ, we throw some water and soap back into the pitcher; throw it on the base for a few seconds and blend.

I then give it a quick scrub with a brush or sponge. I recommend a brush for the blades to avoid getting cut.


Overall, we are super happy with our Ninja Auto IQ and were glad to upgrade from an older model. I would definitely recommend it – we use ours everyday and the price point is really affordable.