Our Next Chapter – Launching January 2018!

Doing Good Digital

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After six incredible years in the non-profit consulting sector, Paul has made the big decision to finally launch his very own digital agency!

To be honest with you – it was time.

I will be joining him as a co-founder and helping out with business development, content strategy, marketing, and partnerships while we are in Canada. Paul will be doing everything else as we rapidly start to build our team.

paul st onge doing good digital

Doing Good Digital will officially launch January 2018 and we are so excited about this next chapter in our lives and the new journey it will take us on.

What do we do? 

We provide digital; data and strategic services that help non-profits enhance their online fundraising, marketing and communications. Our services include strategic planning, online marketing, social media, websites, and event websites, Luminate Online, TeamRaiser and data analysis.

With Paul’s experience in all things Blackbaud, we will be certified as a Blackbaud Solution Provider. Paul has consulted on over a hundred of Luminate Online and TeamRaiser projects and if you are having any challenges or needs with Luminate or TeamRaiser – Doing Good Digital is here with solutions.

We are going ALL IN.

doing good agency

We are both committed 150% to making Doing Good Digital one of the top digital agencies in the non-profit sector in North America.

It’s ALL IN or nothing.

How can you help?

We are looking for clients in the non-profit sector! Do you know someone who works at a charity, sits on a non-profit board, works in corporate sponsorships for non-profit events or anything related to a charity?

If so, Paul and I would love to book a complimentary consult with them and help figure out ways for them to raise more money, so their organization can keep doing the incredible work that they do.

Our website will launch in January, but you can always drop us an email before then to get the ball rolling so we can talk. Which brings us to…

Can I grab coffee or book a meeting to chat about collaboration, partnership or how you can help me?

YES! If you have an idea on how we can partner, or if your workplace needs someone to consult on their foundation or non-profit initiatives or if you or someone you know works at a non-profit and wants to chat collaboration opportunities – we want to help!

This is our JAM.

You can drop us an email or an e-intro anytime at Paul@DoingGoodAgency.com

One last thing…

doing good agency


We plan to rapidly expand Doing Good Digital by building a team in both Canada and the USA. Do you know someone who might be a fit for our company? We are open to work-from-home / remote candidates if they are a great fit.

If so, please do check out our very FIRST job posting that we just placed on our Facebook page. We would also love if you would follow us over on Twitter and Instagram @DoingGoodAgency.

So that’s our plan for now! We will most definitely be sharing more updates as we get ready to launch our brand new website in the New Year.

Thank you for following along on our journey and for all the outreach and support we’ve had from our friends, family, and readers.

Let’s do this.



  • Ahhh congrats to you both! So excited to see where this next chapter takes you both 🙂

    • Thank you Megan! I already miss Portland terribly, but I know we will be back in Oregon soon for a visit 🙂

    • Thank you Megan! I already miss Portland terribly, but I know we will be back in Oregon soon for a visit 🙂