My Essential Blogging Tools


By: Lisa Ng

I recently had a friend ask about what sort of laptop to get, which got me thinking about this post right here. I’ve been blogging since 2010 and there are a couple tech tools that I wouldn’t trade for the world when it comes to getting the job done. Here are my essential blogging tools:


1) 13″ MacBook Pro – I swear by the pro. If you’re thinking of getting into video editing, the air will not be powerful enough for you. I have had my MacBook Pro for almost five years now, and I’m glad I spent the little bit extra to upgrade my RAM and hard drive space. I use a 13″ pro, which I find to be light and sturdy enough for all the travel that I do.


2) iPhone 5 – I find the user interface the easiest out of all the phones that I have tried. The iPhone 5 is my go-to for checking email and sharing on social media. It has a super long battery life, but I do keep it on airplane mode when I’m traveling to save on battery.


3) Nokia Lumia 1020 – For photos on the go, the 41-megapixel camera on the Nokia Lumia 1020 can’t be beat. If I’m not bringing my SLR on a trip or for a story, I’ll bring this phone to snap and share photos. They come out super crisp and the noise stabilizer is great for recording video.


4) Canon Rebel SLR Digital Camera – My sister actually did all the research and bought the Canon Rebel SLR Camera that I currently use. I bought it off her and it’s perfect if I’m going to be shooting food in a dim restaurant. The lens captures so much detail and is great for high-quality photos.


5) Portable Phone Charger – If I know I’m going to be out all day, I bring along a portable phone charger that’s juiced up and ready-to-go. I simply plug it into my phone and leave it in my purse. About an hour later, I usually have a full charge on my phone. This is the one I currently use.


6) Web Hosting – If you’re looking for a place to host your blog, I use for all of my web hosting and emails. I chose them because they have a one-button WordPress install and the whole thing was relatively painless.


What are your tech essentials for blogging or travel?



  • Such great tips! My blogging essentials are definitely similar. I work on a desktop computer, and I’d have to add in photoshop/illustrator to the list.

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