My Epic Make-up Drawer Makeover


I am ready to finally give my make-up a home and created a dedicated and organized drawer this past weekend. Up until this point, I was hauling around my stash in an old make-up bag that I practically had to sit on to zipper closed.


1) Wipe Down – First things, first. The drawer got a serious wipe down with my favourite all-natural Meyer’s Clean Day Countertop Spray and then a paper towel soaked in hot water to pick up the excess spray.


2) Drawer Liner Paper – I picked up some lavender-scented drawer liners from The Container Store and measured it to size. Since powder and foundations can leak everywhere, I would rather it stain the drawer paper than the actual drawer itself.


3) Storage Organizer – I bought a drawer organizing tray for about $15 and got down to business. Check Target, Solutions or The Container Store for something similar. They come in all shapes & sizes.


5) Sort Your Make-up – Throw out any broken brushes, expired makeup or anything you don’t use. I put my moisturizer, sunscreen and lip balm on one side so they are easy to find. All the brushes live together in one place and my bronzing brush is next to my bronzer. Mascaras, pencils and concealer all live together and so does my small fragrance collection. I consider this my day-to-day drawer of things I use all the time. I have an excess storage door for duplicates or more dramatic make-up.


I now make a point to put things away and keep it all neat. It’s also pretty relaxing when I open this up and can find everything when I’m getting ready in a rush.


How do you organize your make-up? Do you have a kit, drawer or table?